Another Round of Putting Things in Place

We went IKEA on Tuesday and I finally placed order for the two shelves that have been out of stock for a period of time. These shelves finally got delivered today and I got them to assemble for me. (Of course I paid for it. Nothing is free from IKEA ok.)

And this is the fourth time I tidy up this corner of our house. (Here are the related post; The First, Second & Third.)

There are two main reasons I need to maintain this place because this little corner is part of the living hall (keeping it clean and neat are very important) and second, I wanted to keep the books and toys easily reach by Yvette.

I am running out place to keep the books seriously. Throughout the past half a year, since Yvette turned 18 mths and started to learn more structurally at home, I started to buy books and it really pile up. And I keep those books in the book shelves in her room and most books are barely easily accessible by her.


I spent 2-3 hours in this afternoon to sort out her toys and took out books that she likes and I would like her to read from the shelves from her room and place them on the new shelves we brought.


While I packed, she enjoy the mess and play the the box. Kids are so easily contended at time. Full of ways to make themselves happy!



Here the end result of the look of the learning corner in living hall right now. I absolutely loving right now and won’t know when will be the next round coming!!! (I better stop buying so many books and toys!)

The House on 25.06

The House on 25.061


12 thoughts on “Another Round of Putting Things in Place

  1. Personally, I’d keep the books in that TALL bookshelf and limit myself to that. Only put those books i’d want her to take herself on that and the rest on the top shelves. Anytime there’s a danger that that bookshelf overflows is the time to get packing again and see if there are books that are not worth keeping.

    • Yeah, especially when I found out (Sam told me) this book stall at Thomson Plaza will come and go for 2-3 weeks of a months.

      The books there are cheap and good. I can easily buy up 15 to 20 books that cost me less than S$50 bucks.

      Of course, I do buy book above her age guide during sales and spree.

      Honestly I didn’t rotate much of her toys but I do rotate her book. Once she got very much into one book, we can read the same books 2-3 times per day and for 2 months. So I do take them away once they hit two months.

  2. Sorting the kids’ stuff is always a tedious chores, cos they got so MUCH toys and books. Shelves is forever not enough.. 😦

    • Police! Police!

      Ok let me explain whey the diapers are there.

      We converted the cot into bed and I placed it there. These diapers had been with us that I don’t see a need to use it anymore. And I am just plainly too lazy to remove them!

    • I thought of that before but I can’t. I need to keeps those toys for my brother and sister’s (unborn) child.

      And maybe for my number two.

      Thanks for suggesting!!!

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