Yvette Says Go Zoo

We were supposed to have a playdate in the morning but it gotten cancelled by the mum because she was unwell.  (Still, we made effort and we really did meet up in the end. I shall share about this in next post.)

I was thinking to bring Yvette to the Beach or any indoor playground but I give her a choice this morning.

I asked: “Yvette, where you want to go today?”

Yvette replied: “Go Zoo!”

Ok, since the weather is consider fine today. (Yesterday was having down pour but luckily never flood!) I take her suggestion and we head Zoo.

I am seriously regret that I didn’t bring along any food. (Usually I will cook and bring food for Yvette (nowadays) when I travel alone with Yvette because she kind of picky over the food when we eat out.) Yvette refused to eat anything I suggested to eat in Zoo and went empty stomach (I did give her a packet of Milo) before she dozed off before we left Zoo.

I took a few pictures of Yvette before we left home and I like this one in particular as both of us were in the photo.


We reached there about 12 noon.

First animal statue we saw before we brought our ticket is Elephant! This got Yvette excited. I suggest to have lunch but Yvette said No. (I am such a obedient mother… –.-!)


As we moved on, we saw Tiger.


I brought Yvette to see Hippo but she was more excited to see Fish. :S


Then I tried very hard to take a picture of Yvette with the Kangaroo, but I failed badly.


The next animal inline was the Elephant. Wow Wow Wow! Seeing Elephant never fail to further brighten up Yvette’s mood.


And I found out an amazing fact about Elephant.


They really can eat har!!!

Many childcare/schools organise field trip to Zoo during June holiday. And this is the third group of children I bumped into in this afternoon.


A decent photo with Ah Meng after trying for 8 times. What a lousy photographer I am?


I was trying to take some picture of this beautiful lake in the Zoo but I think my photo-taking skill is still barely there.


But then I managed to take one picture of Yvette smiling into my Len when she was running.


As I thought our Zoo trip will never be complete without water play and Yvette proven me wrong again. (Read Yvette’s last experience with water play at  Science Centre.)

She was observing other people most of the time.


She only wanted to touch and water and stepped the water coming out from the water outlet and never want to be wet anymore.



She have changed? Don’t like water play anymore?

She got obsessed with the baby sitting on the pram. She spent 10 mins trying to talk to her. (We notice she really like babies. I wonder how will she react if there is another baby back in our household?)


Then I brought her to see Ponies and Falabellas (the world’s smallest breed of horses), Goats, Bunnies & Guinea Pig.

Lastly, I will never leave Zoo without bring her to see Giraffe and Zebra.



What a tiring trip for me!!!

5 thoughts on “Yvette Says Go Zoo

  1. We going to zoo tomorrow, usually i will let Lucas has his lunch at “Ah Meng” restaurant, they selling chicken porridge. Very easy, no need to cook, and he likes it.

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