A Play Date with Jayden & Javier

The date was supposed to be off but all thanks to Choon Yen, the mum of both boys persisted.

I actually missed her sms in the morning and we were on the way to North. (Usually I will take a train to Admiralty and take a cab to Zoo. The cost of taking Taxi right at my door step to Zoo will cost me about S$15 bucks, thus by doing so, I have around S$8 saving.) When I managed to reach her, she planned to head United Square which is so near my place. Anyway, I already promised to bring Yvette to Zoo, I told her we shall meet up in the late afternoon if situation allows.

And I am glad we did make effort to meet up eventually.

Salute to this mummy who manage to bring two boys out on her own. Both boys are well-behaviour at my place. They were so busy exploring toys that Yvette pulled out. (Phew, Yvette didn’t pull out all the toys. There are still a lot of toys in the box.)

The way Yvette could interact with two boys is funny. I can’t describe it in word. We never have play date with two boys before and this is the first time.

The highlight of their day were not only toys. All my SIL’s children came to visit us and brought us so much food.

Yvette didn’t eat much in the early part of the day, so I have to cook porridge for her when we reached home. She finished a bowl of porridge. Then followed by 2 hotdog buns. Her favourite cousin, Cheryl brought them Happy Meal. And the best part is, she still can eat dinner!!! No wonder she put on a kg last month.

Too much food!

The kids started to eat and eat.

I bet they have fun too much fun than we can expect.


The only decent picture I gotten for the date!

I didn’t take much picture for the play date plainly because it’s almost impossible to. We tried to put them together and we failed badly. The boys’ mum took more pictures for the date and do check out her post.

P/S: Choon Yen, thanks for the effort on bring your boys to play with my girl. At least she got to meet & play with someone at her age which is something that is lacking in this holiday period. I am sorry I didn’t spend much time with you and the kids and you are the one helping me to take care of Yvette. (Wow, 3 kids… can consider for the third one??? ops!) I was so busy preparing meal including the porridge and the dinner.

We shall meet up again. This round at your place because I want to learn baking cupcake from you!

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