Yvette Sings ABC Song

Yvette never shown interest in Singing till I gotten myself her an iPod Touch. (I brought this gadget on 21/04/10.) Since then her interest in Singing suddenly got activated. (According to Baby Centre, some toddlers who are really good could start to sing at 23 mths. But well, I have met the really advance toddlers. Her classmate at JGC, May could sing very well and got her tunes right at 1 year old.)

I have downloaded many (yes many) applications for her as I was totally sold to iPod now.

She particularly like a few songs in this SingKids and this is also the application we found out that she could recognise some words before she turned two. She was able to identify which song to play and could name the song name correctly before it was played on the screen.

25 mths

I finally heard her sing the full version of ABC song yesterday. It was more like reciting rather than singing as it was out of tune or I would say lack of rhythm.

In Take 1, she managed to get the sequence of the letters correct with some missing. And the correct letters are A C E H I J K L P Q S T V W X Y Z. I don’t why her B is always missing. When she want to play the ABC puzzle she always go A C puzzle. (ABC is so easy right? These should be the 3 letters she got them right, but well…)

17 out of 26 letters she got right which generated 65% which D & I think it is not bad for a start.

In Take 2, I was trying to record down the way she was singing by playing the ABC Song on iPod but she was more interested in playing with the ear piece. So in the end it is more like I am listening to the song rather than she is singing. So I rather not to share it here.

I am quite happy with her learning progress honestly. I won’t say she is very good but I would think she is definitely not left behind.


8 thoughts on “Yvette Sings ABC Song

    • I am surprise they remove this application from iTunes. I won’t say it the best application, but worth the money paid. 15 songs only USD1.99 I think.

  1. Sonya & Daphne,

    I found one similar application and it call – Toddler JukeBox: Twelve Children’s Songs and I am very keen to get for Yvette again. (Because some of the songs inside I don’t have.)

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