We Were @ IKEA Today


We went IKEA today, and of course just two of us. I need to sort out her books & the toys urgently as it getting messier!

It never easy to manage Yvette alone when we are out. She always like to roam around and sometimes she will go missing. (I am partially at fault too. Sometimes I am not alert enough and she is too fast. And because of their height and size, it really does make looking for them tougher!) And yes, I almost lost her again today. I heard her calling me but I just couldn’t locate her. Of course I eventually found her due to her loud voice.

Then I made her sat on the trolley all the way till I check out for payment.


To standardise our furniture in the hall, I brought this set of toy shelve again.


Of course our trip will never be complete without having meal in their eatery (Yvette had porridge that I brought along) and letting Yvette have fun in the mini-playground.



We left IKEA around 3 pm in the afternoon, rushing back to let Yvette nap but she never. It has been consecutively two days she miss her nap. I hope this is only a passing phase….

10 thoughts on “We Were @ IKEA Today

    • What happened on Mon was, my mother came visit. I think she was too excited to sleep. Then she dozed off early at 8 Plus.

      She woke up early on Tues, eg. 6.30 am but back to her slumber because I can’t stay awake and she didn’t want to be alone. She joined me back to around 7 plus and woke up at 10am.

      I tot of going Ikea let her run around, she will get tired. But she never lor… she run and play but she seemed to have tons of energy which I don’t have now! 😦

  1. We are using this set of Ikea furniture too and just got it nailed to the wall. Otherwise, my strong boy would pull the drawers and have the entire shelf toppled onto him! Toys/book shelves never seem enough… Ha! (Wondering how Sam organizes the rooms with 4 kids?!?)

    • Wah nail on the wall. We just leave it there.

      Yeah.. Toys/book shelves never seem to be enough for us. I keep buying that my problem!!!

      Been to Sam’s place, her house was rather neat despite having 4 kids!

    • I don’t have this sort of furniture. All of Jacob’s toys go into the drawer in the coffee table or this stool that can be opened up. His books are in 2 other similar stool boxes and a few on the bookshelf in our room together with our books. These and those on our bedstand are for him to take easily, then we rotate.

      Our other kids don’t have much toys! They are 11 to 16 years’ old! They are busy playing computer/PSP or busy in school !

  2. Oh… the Trolfast system! We’re thinking of getting the system next time when Jude’s older, since our bookshelf that’s currently holding his toys is getting messier and messier and the toy collection is getting bigger thanks to the grandparents (and us). Amazing how you managed the girl on your own… when I bring Jude out on my own he keeps running off, even choosing cakes for 5 minutes is a nightmare!

    • You better get those system in place now before those toys and books got out of the way.

      Yeah.. I am so addicted getting toys and books for Yvette. I don’t deny to manage Yvette can be quite tough and definitely agree at times, it is a nightmare for me!

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