Tot Learning Week 23 of 2010 (7th to 13th June)


This entry is supposed to be up on last Wednesday but I was too busy making some preparation for Father’s Day and decided to put it on hold. It’s seemed like Father’s Day is more important in our household as I make it as a big event. (Hubby didn’t do much for me on Mother’s Day) Sound like I am complaining? No?

Actually no.

I do it big because Father’s Day has always been much less publicised (especially commercially) and celebrated than Mother’s day. I want my child to grow up knowing Father is as equally important than Mother. So that ‘s the reason why it seems like a big affair back in our house.

Ok, too much of side tracking and now move on to this entry.

Anyway, this will be the last home schooling post for now as Yvette gotten confirmed slot of the playgroup in the school that I have signed her up for N1 next year. With this change, I will not need to plan so much activity at home. And so, for the next few weeks before the “real” school starts in July, I shall declare this is going to be a holiday for both of us.

If you will like to find out what we did for the past week in details, click to continue.

Alphabet Activity Theme of the Weeks: O is for Owl

My girl likes too many animals. She got very excited when she know the animals and the sound produce by the animals. When she see Owl, she will go Woo Woo. Very cute.

I love this book that we read – Wow! Said the Owl by Tim Hopgood.

The book not only reinforces the concepts of colors but also provides a sense of security of the way things are supposed to be in the world. It also cover the lifestyle of an Owl. Yvette love flipping it as well. As she flipped, she will say out the colour.


At night, when we are felling tired and ready for bed, owls are just waking up. Owls live in a nighttime world. They have eyes that can see in the dark.

2010 Week 23 (7th to 13th June)

We did a craft and I personally like it a lot. (Source)


For pre-writing, we did these two worksheet. (Source – Here & Here)


For learning new words, we did this. (Actually besides this, Yvette has been learning a lot of new words from iPod Touch.)


For fine motor-skill, we did this.


This worksheet test recognition of Letter learned.



Learning English

Starfall still one of my daughter favourite application in learning word and reading. And I did an interactive learning with her using self-made materials. As such, I didn’t do much in teaching Yvette vocabulary starting with O. Nevertheless, iPod Touch is one of the tool I used for her vocabulary learning.

We did a craft for Octopus and taught Yvette octopus has 8 tentacle. (Daddy commented this craft is very ugly.)



Learning Chinese

We are using 我会读 for our Chinese learning. This set of learning book is really effective. I found out she actually could recognise more word than I expected.



Learning Shape, Colour, Number & Date

We do reading using this book from FisherPrice – Let’s Go to School. This book helps her to revised shapes & colours, numbers & opposite.


And used  iPod and toys to do the job honestly.




Learning Toys

Puzzle puzzle, plenty of puzzle that currently is Yvette’s top favourite toys.


Sharpen her motor skill using Melissa & Doug Wooden Take Along Kit (24 pc).


She has been playing Vtech ABC Food Fun all by herself and this week is the only rare week I played with her. In fact, she already knows the food & fruits inside out by now.



Practical Life Skill(s)

I strongly feel that practical life skills (this is the best tool to sharpen their motor skill too) need to be part of my child growing up process. And I am so happy to find this sturdy stool from Ikea. So now Yvette can start helping doing simple chores in food preparation. (Close supervision is still needed because after all, Yvette is still a child.)





18 thoughts on “Tot Learning Week 23 of 2010 (7th to 13th June)

  1. *hehe*…

    scared your daughter learn to read words wrongly.

    that’s one reason why i’m afraid to read out road signs to JR. he might end up learning “Upp” is Upper, “Rd” is Road, ‘DR” is Drive… urgh!

  2. You’ve done so much for home schooling Yvette! Very inspirational.
    All the best to you and Yvette for starting playgroup next month 🙂

    Btw, hexagon is 6 sided polygon yeah? Your ipod is showing 6 sides while your peg puzzle is showing 8 sided polygon instead wor… Is that a Doug and Melissa puzzle too?

    • Hey Con,

      Thanks for correcting me. I have relabel the toy. I really didn’t realise that is a mistake till you highlight to me. (Really thanks a lot. As I mentioned in my previous comment I scare to teach wrongly and in some field I am actually not very good.)

      I hope Yvette can cope well without me just like your son. He is so good when you first sent him to playgroup at 18 mths.

      No, that is not a M&D puzzle. You can get this puzzle easily from Kiddy Palace or Popular.

  3. I agree with Cons… the puzzle’s showing a octagon (8 sides), not hexagon… But I’m really impressed by all those activities, especially the practical life skills. They are never too young to start learning how to help out at home! Great job, mama! 🙂

  4. The stool sure look sturdy, hmmm… thinking of getting one for Javier. 🙂 It is a great idea to include Yvette in your food preparation. I’m sure she also enjoys helping out the the ‘fun chores’. 🙂

    • It’s definitely fun to her.

      But on the down side, there are plenty of wastage such as she like to wash the vegetables many many times – waste water. She like to wash the rice grain and pour away the water more than 3x.

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