What’s Father’s Day Mean to D?


Honestly, I am not sure what Father’s Day mean to D. But I am very sure he loves to being a father. He is enjoying every bit and pieces of his fatherhood since I was expecting. When Yvette hand over the father’s gift to D yesterday, he was definitely touched and will certainly treat the scrapbook as his treasure from now.

Many of us know, in this modern society, our men had changed. Many men are not only bring back the bacon home at end of day but they do share a lot of parenting responsibilities with their wives .

Bring up a child is no longer the core responsibility of  women, men do hand-on. D has his fair share of responsibilities too.

He will bring Yvette out in the evening for a walk and currently Yvette favourite activity with D is to ride her 3-wheels around the neighbour. He will bathe Yvette when he on leave, during the weekends and sometimes weekdays when I am really busy. He will do all the dirty job such as wash Yvette’s dirty laundry. (Yvette always poop into her training pant nowadays resulted we need to do a lot of cleaning job when we are out. And D clean her bowel away and manage her well in the public toilet alone.) He will read to her, sing to her, and teach her. And being a man of a few words, he does, spend a lot of time taking to Yvette. Communicating.

Yvette is certainly not a easy child to handle as she is a very active toddler and does have her temper. He is always the one running after Yvette in public so that I can shop in peace. D has plenty of patience for her even he is unwell.

To Yvette D is definitely loving and fun to be with.

Besides taking care of our precious Yvette, D help me a lot of on house chores. We share our housework so that I can take some rest.

We celebrated Father’s Day with D yesterday in town at KISEKI at Heeren and the food was too salty. Not satisfying at all.


Today, D need to work and we will be staying at home without him in the afternoon. Maybe I should surprise him again with a mini cake in the fridge when he is back from work? (Just like the first time we celebrated Father’s Day with a piece of cake!)

And lastly, Happy Father’s Day to all Daddies in all over the world including my dad secretly.

P/S: Sometimes I feel ironical to celebrate Father’s Day with D when I didn’t even celebrate Father’s Day with my own dad. I guess this is so much I can do for him for now.


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