I Learn to Scrap

Scrapbooking is a hobby I wish to pick up long long ago. But due to lack of time, creativity at my end, I keep putting this interest on hold.

As I know Father’s Day is approaching, I decided to do a simple scrap book to document down D’s Fatherhood Journey. With that, I headed down to one shop at Novena Square to buy all these materials with Yvette.







Serious, I read nothing about scrapbooking. I know nothing on what to buy. All the above materials, the tapes are suggestion from the shop. And I buy those papers, stickers base on my feel over the pictures I have developed. And these materials certainly didn’t come cheap.

My damage is about a hundred.

2 thoughts on “I Learn to Scrap

  1. Ahh yes the stuff’s ex! I usually only stock up on supplies when there’s a sale… But I think the materials you used turned out really nice! I think online shops like scrapoholics.com.sg (now 25% off) and thescrapbookcarton.com are cheaper… So can order online if you plan on continuing!

    • Thanks Jus for your info. I will browse around and perhaps ordering.

      I am glad the materials I used turned out to be nice. Actually these materials are on 20% discount because I brought too much and become a member on the spot!

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