Starfall Addicted

While many toddlers love Youtube, Yvette doesn’t find it fantastic. When we are on Computer, I always try to introduce her songs, music, stories over Youtube but she will always suggest Starfall. (A free learning software I started to do with her when she was 21 mths.) She loves Starfall more. And I love Starfall as well. This free software over the internet really helps Yvette in learning letters and she started to pick up reading via Starfall too.

At 2 yo, Yvette learns all the letters, including their sound via Starfall – ABCs Let’s get ready to read. I will say this software is FREE and GOOD. And now we moved on learning more sound via this platform and Yvette absolutely loving it.

I revise sound with Yvette under Starfall – Learn to Read and read with Yvette under Starfall – It’s Fun to Read daily.

I like the way the word is taught by this software under the Learn to Read – Teaching word using Phonics (sound). With that, I am inspire to make a set of learning card for Yvette to learn and play game with me.




And our learning will not be completed without reading a book. I am using Usborne Phonics Readers which is highly recommended in one of Singapore Motherhood spree I joined months back.


There again, our learning will be too dry and not so interesting to Yvette if I only rely on my learning material only. I brought in LeapFrog Fridge Words magnetic word builder so that Yvette could hear those word from the toy and make our learning more lively.


Yvette has yet shown much more interest in this new curriculum. She is more interested in playing with those cards I made. But she does like the book that we been reading for the past 3 weeks and she could recognise word like “Mat”, “Fat” (she already know “Cat”) after this kick off.


15 thoughts on “Starfall Addicted

  1. okie… i do quite like the Goodnight Moon. I have the Hungry caterpillar VCD, which JR is starting to enjoy, but we see that rarely actually. If only these stories come with words. hehe.

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  3. Dear Readers,

    I have readers email asking me where to download those material. I don’t download them, I make them. If you will like to have a copy, you can email me and let me know. Although I might not reply you timely, I will definitely get back to you.

    I only have one request from you, please don’t resell it as they are not your own effort.


  4. Hi sunflower,
    Can I request a copy of these words learning via matching game from you? Been trying to get my 3 yr old gal learn words n get interests on books. Can you email me? Greatly appreciated.

      • Hi sunflower, I happen to goggle and found yr website. I like yr teaching method. May i also request a copy of these words learning via matching game from you? I would like to teach my boy. Hope you can share with me. Thank you very much.

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