Just Two of Us to Singapore Science Centre

I wanted to bring Yvette to the Zoo but it started to rain after we embarked our journey. The rain never goes away even when we reached Woodlands. So I decided to shelve the plan and head Singapore Science Centre instead. (Luckily, these two Places of Interest are on the same MRT line.)

Yvette was well behaviour during the one over hour ride on the train. Most of the time she was entertained by iPod and occasionally talking to me. As it was still drizzling, I headed to interchange to take Bus 66 instead of walking to Science Centre with Yvette.


It been about a year we since visit this centre and Yvette definitely grown up as compared to our last trip.

She was happy to see the Dinosaur at the entrance and she stared at it for a couple of minutes.


As Yvette is really into fish, I brought Yvette to Marine Alcove after entering the centre to view the fish. As expected, it was a hit and she loves it so much.


We went back to the centre Atrium and there is a show featuring 3-meter long lightning arc generated using a Tesla Coil. It was so loud and Yvette got a shock and hugged me tightly. But then she did cheer for them when every one was cheering for the performance. So funny.


I wanted to have lunch at MacDonald but it was so pack with people and I decided to have it a the cafe. I brought along Yvette’s lunch as I thought it will be easier for me to feed her whatever I have than finding food for her. As for myself I had Fried rice for my lunch.


While having lunch Yvette, I found out Pixar:20 years of Animation Exhibition just a few meters away from us. It about go behind the scenes of beloved animated films such as Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc. and Toy Story; and uncover the art and technology of animation! However, as I did not purchase ticket for the show, we move on to other exhibition halls.


As we moved on, she saw the Step 2 buggy and requested me to get her one. She was really “guai guai” sat on there and let me pushed her around.

SC 14th Jun 10

When Yvette was 14 mth old

I brought Yvette to Nano Technology for more innovative technology. She seemed to be “able to appreciate”. She stand there for a couple of minutes to appreciate the change of the light colour.

SC 14th Jun 101

Wildlife of Gondwana Exhibition is about going back to 3.8 billion years to the great Southern Super continent of Gondwana and to find out what life was like for these ancient creatures from the Great Southern Land. Showingcasing research work by some of the world’s foremost paleontologists, the amazing fossils, rock specimens and full skeletal exhibits on display.


But Yvette didn’t like this Exhibit. She told me “let’s go” when I moved around to see those specimens.

I can’t leave the Science Centre without heading the Discovery Zone where Children Learn by Playing. Yvette had great fun there.

SC 14th Jun 102

With Yvette willingness on sitting on the buggy, it made my travelling in centre easier. We moved up to the second floor by lift.

At second floor, it was all the history of Robotics and there is another new Exhibition. Invent! Exhibition is about how we can make use of out innate characteristics like curiosity, perseverance, and the ability to make connections to help us invent.


I didn’t wish to spend too much time in this centre as I need to rush back to cook dinner. I didn’t visit some exhibition. There are total 4 new Exhibitions, 2 new movies and 7 shows & Programmes during this school holiday.

Before I left this centre, I decided to let Yvette have some fun at Water works to have some water fun. However to my surprise, Yvette wasn’t as keen. She stood there for awhile before letting me to change her to another set of clothing. She did not really play with water much except walking around the area.

Yvette 1

Yvette 2


5 thoughts on “Just Two of Us to Singapore Science Centre

  1. Hey the trip seems fun and interesting. I have never bring my kids to into Science centre before, thinking it seems abit “chim” to them. But seeing your post give me a second thought…. so that give me one more place to bring my boys to during the weekend. 🙂

    • Paiseh very last min. and when I was travelling and pass by CCK I did think of you but then raining.. so I decided to give you a miss.. next Tuesday our date ok!!!

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