Yvette: 2 yrs 1 mth (25 mths)


Crossing 2 is another huge milestone for Yvette, for us. She has “matured” in some sense. We are able to communicate with her more and make her understand the consequence if she proceed to do what we dislike her to do. (Of course not all the time works.)

Her speech is very interesting in the past month. So much I can understand the way she trying to convey her message, nevertheless, she still make mistake but we find all the mistakes she made amusing.

  • She always miss out Prepositions. She goes “Cook Yvette”, “Cook Mama”. It should “Cook for Yvette” “Cook for Mama”. When we correct her, we always tell her, if cook mama, mama will be gone. But still, she couldn’t get that right.
  • She pronounces inside as side. She goes “Yvette side”, “Mama side”. Hmmm that sounds awful. I think if outsider heard her, I will need to dig a hole to hide under. Doesn’t it sound like “Yvette’s sai (shit)”, “Mama’s sai (shit)”
  • She pronounces Spoon as Phone, Tomato as Potato.
  • She still can’t get Up right. She always pronounces it as Out. Maybe she still doesn’t understand there is a difference of both words.
  • However, she could get hippopotamus right. Strange. But I guess that is because she like hipo a lot.
  • Her favourite phrase of this month goes; Yvette eat ok, Yvette try ok, Yvette sleep ok. The way she pronounces Ok is damn cute!

Although her primary language of speech is English, she does not speak Mandarin with English accent. And her favourite phrase for Mandarin in this month goes 相信我,小心.

She started to pick up Hokkien this month. She follows the way her Papa orders his coffee. And my mum teaches her a lot of Hokkien too. When she is able to speak after her, my mum is damn happy!

She started to recognize word both in English and Chinese. I took out 我会读 and revised with her, I found out she know more than I expected.

She knows her manners. She will say Please when she need things from me. When someone or even us block her way, she will goes Excuse. She will say Thank You to us when we pass her things she asks for.

Discipline Yvette is not as tough as I thought. Counting 1-10 & naughty corner work well on Yvette. And I keep my face really straight. So the Terrible Two is not so Terrible after all? Let’s see. But sleeping problem is yet solved. And the rash still never goes away! Plenty of challenge still!!!

She is very accident prone for the past month. Perpetually, she falls down every day. Sometimes it a nasty fall, which involve her head and face but still not very serious to certain extend.

She loves sitting on stroller now.

Her favourite pastime is read book with us, doing learning on iPod, play with her cooking set and fixing her Train Puzzle. She is very much into fish and his daddy is joining her for this. (Daddy wanted to get her a fish tank with fish.) Alamak!!! More work for me???

On Self-Care she could (she doesn’t do it every time but she know how):

  • remove sock and shoes
  • put on sock and shoes
  • wear loose short
  • wear her sandal

There again, another pause in potty training. She peed when she get too excited especially when she is out. She likes to poop when she is out too. Plenty of work.

I also found out she is teething again and one of her molar was already surfaced out from the gum. (Left two molars to go.)

Oh yes, she put on 1 KG (wow!!!) and grown taller by 1 cm (85cm)  for the past one month!


10 thoughts on “Yvette: 2 yrs 1 mth (25 mths)

  1. –>She goes “Cook Yvette”, “Cook Mama”. It should “Cook for Yvette” “Cook for Mama”.

    Oh, Lucas also goes” Ah mak cook kai kai carrot”

    –>She pronounces Spoon as Phone, Tomato as Potato.

    He pronounce tomato as potato as well. i show him tomato sauce, he said “potato sauce”

    He pronounce as “putputpotamus”!! haha

    • haha.. I am not good with those vebs nouns adjective myself too. And compare to your English, I am far away from your good ang mo!

      Cook mama sound like 煮妈妈, definitely not right!

  2. Ahh! my little one is turning 2 soon next month and I was surprised he recognises chinese words that I have been teaching the sister too…words like 爸, 妈, 哭, 笑。But then he speaks mandarin with an english accent! What did you do that Yvette does not have that accent?

    • Jaime,

      We help Yvette by :

      – make her pronounce words in Chinese when I started to speaks to her in Mandarin around 14 mths. And make a point to talk to her in Mandarin Every day.

      – sent her to Julia Gabriel for Chinese Playclub once a week.

      – Play nursery rhythms in Chinese for her everyday.

      – Read her book in Chinese (almost every day.)

      – Now I did play some Chinese programme on TV for her.

  3. Yvette is great in her speech and academic development. Great job mummy!!!!

    I am also facing potty pause for Javier now. Recently, he can’t seems to hold his urine during his nap time, thus I got to let him wear the diaper when he takes his nap. Sometimes when we are out, he will just urine on his pants too. 😦

  4. Happy 25 months to the little gal! Sounds like she had a growth spurt. 🙂 And so nice that she gets to learn Hokkien too! We ask my mum to speak to Jude in Teochew, but she keeps forgetting and reverts back to English…

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