Tot Learning Week 22 of 2010 (31st May to 6th June 10)


To get my engine warm up, I must start recording. I did very little with Yvette for the past one week but again it better than nothing. (What a convenient excuse!)

If you will like to find out what we did for the past week in details, click to continue.

Alphabet Activity Theme of the Week: N is for Nest

As usual, I will do 4 word sheets with her as part of our learning.

2010 Week 22 (31st May to 6th June) - Revision Week

(Source: wksheet 1, wksheet 2, wksheet 3 & wksheet 4)

I built a nest using a yarn and balloon with no participation from Yvette. (Source) We read My Nest is Best for more than a month because this book is such a hit.



Learning English

I missed out revising English word with Yvette as we were doing phonics learning this week. (Shall share this in another post.)



Learning Chinese

Again, I did very little in learning Chinese with Yvette. What we did for the past week was only revising words from the booklets given by JGC.


Learning Shape, Colour

We did nothing on learning shape. We revised all the basic colour by doing carrot stamping.




Learning Number & Dates

We move on reciting from 10 to 20 using two books and one puzzle.Counting and learning maths will be part of our learning too.




Learning Toys

She loves to stack now.


iPod is her best friend. I have downloaded so many applications for her.



Practical Life Skill(s)

Separate (sorting) red bean & Marconi into two bowls.


I let her try the hole puncher but is never of her liking.


She left it there after two tries.


I got all these practical life skills from this site.


Other Learning Activities

The girls living directly above us, came down to play her. However, she got pretty upset when they left and she made me brought her up.


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