The Train Giant Puzzle

This box of puzzle was passed to Yvette 2 weeks before her second birthday and since then it become a hit. This is a must play toy everyday (if we are not out) and she can play up to 4x each day.


I been trying in vain getting her moving out of 2 pc puzzle but she always refuse to play with me when I pulled out the 3 pc puzzle. When I was buying gift for one of her classmate’s second birthday, I saw this and decided to try my luck and give it a go because I know Yvette like Train a lot.

When we first started off, we did all the job for Yvette. Sorting out the numbers and the letters into two pile. Then we will pass her the numbers and the letter. She will just need fix the puzzle. Initially she keep insisting on fixing one side and couldn’t figure out she should turn to another side when it just don’t fit in.


The next 2 weeks, I always cued her to turn the puzzle around if they don’t fit in, she finally understand there is more than one side. We refer to a book for alphabet so that she knows she can rely on books for answer (what come after A, B, C and so on).


Now, she could sort the number and the letter together with me, and she did most of the job. She know each individual letter very well, eg. B for Balloon, H for Hippo, I for Iguana, L for Lion, etc and for the number she could remember 2 is hippo, 3 is crocodile, etc. She could complete the 60 pcs puzzle with min. help from me and in less than half an hour which I think it an achievement for her. And she love this set of puzzle so much, she is not willing to leave them on the floor to admire them after it got fixed by her. She will initiate clean up immediately after fixing them.


This is a very good toy to learn the sequence of the letter and as well as the number. At the same time, it help me to revise and reinforce letters with Yvette. It only cost S$19.90 to get it. This not only fulfil the learning benefit of a puzzle could provide, it also train the concentration and patience of a toddler. The faster timing I can complete this puzzle is 10 mins.  (That including sorting.)


[Lesson Learnt – Always buy toy of the child’s interest and you will be able to get the best result out it!]

This post is not an endorsement. I just like this toy a lot.


9 thoughts on “The Train Giant Puzzle

  1. Hey the puzzle looks really good! Would you know where else you could find it? And its so nice that she actually packs up after playing with it!

    • Jus,

      I have no idea where to get it beside Toy R’US. So far I only see Toy R’Us carry this toy brand.

      Yeah, I would think it nice for her to keep this toy cos she is playing every now and then.

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