Finally She’s On 3-Wheels

Hey, you know, we always looking forward to push Yvette on 3-wheels. So we tried to sell this idea to her when she was 15 mths, 18mths & 22 mths or whenever we have the chance like heading Kiddy Palace.

Most of the time she will reject our offer… 不知好歹

Really, we really try hard. During this period (somewhere around 22 to 23 mths), we kept walking into store to let her try and finally she accepted this offer today!


While I was away in the afternoon, D brought Yvette with my niece Cheryl to Kiddy Palace. And she finally got her 3-Wheels of her own choice. (D told me Yvette insisting of buying this.)

Well, this girl has her own piece of mind seriously and D can’t wait to push her in the park now!



7 thoughts on “Finally She’s On 3-Wheels

  1. Lucas is on 2 wheel now, eh.. he doesnt know how to cycle, but we got our two wheel balancing bicyle pass down from my sil, he likes it very much. Now he learns get on his bicycle on his own..

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