Our Day In Woodlands

Besides spending 2 hours at Woodlands Waterfront, we actually spent our entire day in Woodlands on last Saturday.

It has been quite sometimes I ever visited Causeway Point and the moment I stepped in the mall I find this mall run down. Seriously.

I remember many years back, when this mall is one of the bigger mall in the neighbourhood and it did create a “Wow” impression on me. But today, this mall look old and lack of lighting. However, I would still say Content is King. Although this mall, comparably to many malls out in other neighbourhood, they stand out. They have Metro, John Little, Kiddy Palace, and many many different stores out there that will definitely draw the crowd from all over Singapore.

Our day in Woodlands1

We travelled to Woodlands by MRT. It took us approximately 45 mins and Yvette was consider well behave on the train. All credit goes to iPod!


And she was also in good mood that will pose for me during the train ride too!


Our first stop was to head Food count for food as Yvette hasn’t eat for her lunch. (I packed along her lunch.) Both of us had dessert as we were not too hungry for it mainly due to we have heavy breakfast in the morning.

We ended up at the Indoor Amusement Park and Yvette got her ride, and played some games.



There are on particular machine got my attention.

This Sweetland machine attached aunties. And many sit there for more than 15 mins just because of the soft toy.

Our day in Woodlands2

After spending a good hour in the mall, we proceeded to the park. We came back to the mall because we wanted to shop and as well as Yvette was sleeping.

We start to feel hungry and head Macdonald. We found a sit at the corner so that it will not be too noisy for Yvette. And Yvette slept for another 2 hours.


We pulled her out from her slumber (if not she will have difficulty to sleep at night again.) We decided to head Metro for toy hunting and “some free play”. (We usually allow Yvette to move around freely in toy department.)

Toys department never fail to light up Yvette’s mood and I always love to see she could share the toy with other kids.


While on our way to dinner, Yvette spotted the Art Corner and wanted to do her second piece of paint art. This one is worse than the first piece I she did. (See my her piece of work here.)

Our day in Woodlands3

After the art work, she wanted a ride. Aiyo.. we really spoil her to rotten at times!


We finally had our dinner at close to 8 pm and decided to head home. However our day in this mall didn’t end happily. While waiting for cab, Yvette ran out of the queue and entered GNC. She broke a glass of supplement and there goes my S$30 bucks!

“Sim Tiah” (heart pain)…


5 thoughts on “Our Day In Woodlands

  1. we are regular customer of causwaypoint..haha, visiting the mall twice per week..I am staying just opposite causwaypoint (the taxi stand that you wait for taxi)..haha, next time when you go to causeway point, can come to my house..

    • Thanks for inviting us to your new home. I will take this as official invitation and will give you a mail, or a knock on your blog if we decide to head Woodlands again!

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