Woodlands Waterfront

Of not knowing where to go today, I decided to head Woodlands Waterfront after recalling what I have read in this site.

This park is officially opened on 23rd May 2010 by Sembawang GRC MP and Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Manpower and Health Hawazi Daipi. (Read the report here.)

Anyway, I took Choon Yen’s instruction and we managed to reach there by the help of the bus driver too.

Took Bus 856 from Woodlands inter-change will bring us to the park after 11 bus-stops. The bus-driver prompted us to alight. The park is less than 50m away the bus-stop. Once you alight, walk straight, you should be able to see the park after less than 5 mins walk.

Route to the park

Kites were the first things we saw before we even enter the park. This place will soon to be a new hideout for people who like to fly kite. Very windy!


And finally we were at the entrance.


This park is so simple yet beautiful. I love the L-shaped jetty. A good place for photography enthusiast. Click the link here, you will definitely agree with me this place is so beautiful.




The above is so much my camera (with some editing using free software) can do. I believe you can take much better picture than mine!

As for Yvette, she was excited to see the playground but we decided to head the jetty first. And not surprising, she was excited to see soooo much water.


Besides flying kite, we saw many families doing fishing and cycling. As there is no shelter on the jetty, no one is so crazy to picnic under the hot sun.


Surprisingly, Yvette dozed off at 3.40 pm. (Yvette had slept 14.5 hours of sleep marathon (from 6.30 pm evening to 9 am this morning) and we didn’t expect her to sleep today at all!!!)


Honestly the weather was too humid to move around. Although it did rain like half an hour ago. The weather changed too fast. And since we didn’t expect Yvette to sleep, we didn’t bring along our stroller. It’s so sweaty to carry Yvette around under the hot sun even with an umbrella!


We walked around the park (as it is a small park because phrase 2 has yet opened) and take a peek at the playground before we left.



7 thoughts on “Woodlands Waterfront

  1. Ohhh, another nice place to visit! Thanks for sharing, was trying to find alternative locations to go kite flying, so you’ve provided me with one! 🙂

  2. Hi Sunflower,

    Glad that you enjoy your trip there. Quite concidently, Lucas mummy also went there yesterday but in the evening. 🙂

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