Term 3 @ Marsden Swim School – Lesson 8

Everything move on smoothly in class. And even a mother who we hardly take to each other told me Yvette is happy in class now. I confirmed her place in next term and let see how it goes as we move on.

When Daddy joined us for class, it becomes interesting. Yvette will get sit on ride, play games. Both of them enjoy the bonding very much.



On side note, I did something really embarrassing today. I packed everything as per normal in the morning but only found out I did not pack my under-garments!!!


And I bite the bullet, bathed, changed and used Yvette to camouflage ME!!!


3 thoughts on “Term 3 @ Marsden Swim School – Lesson 8

  1. I was thinking of letting my boys go for some swimming lesson. Thus would like to get some info from you regarding Marsden Swim School. How do you find the coach and the swimming lesson?

    • I like the instructor. They never force the child to perform task if they didn’t want to. They allow them to learn at their own pace.

      One mum who sent her child, a 4 years old girl to learn swimming with Marsden told me her child could swim at the end of the first lesson.

      So it is really up to individual.

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