Long Vs Short


It’s about a year after I did my last rebonding. I finally chomped off my ugly long hair and I gave myself another fresh look. I like short hair seriously. They are more easy to manage. I will not need to blow my hair or do any additional work on my hair before I leave home. I just need to comb it, it just look trendy and neat.

However, as a SAHM, I don’t have the luxury to sit in the salon to cut my hair every 2 or 3 months. I don’t have the time to do rebonding because Yvette need my attention most of the time.

My hair is very thick and I have nature curl. My hair need to rebond every half a year to maintain a neat bob. So, I been keeping my long hair for sanity. But coming next year, Yvette will be in childcare and I do hope I can maintain this short hair as long as I want to!


14 thoughts on “Long Vs Short

      • My stylist will have to thin alot before the perm too. I permed it cos I got natural curls, instead of fighting it, like sam says, I curl it more.

        It’s easy to maintain too.

        • hehe… I never think of this before. Maybe I can try in the future but need you to recommend me your stylist… cos not every stylist can style hair with nature curl well.

  1. I’d long hair for about 11 years and chopped them off to a bob 6 months back and love it! Saves much time washing hair and dries so quickly. Being an SAHM with a toddler certainly means no luxury for regular hair cuts and treatments. Or maybe even no time to wash hair on certain busy days!

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