Yvette’s Latest Hit – SHEro

Yvette always love to shake her body together with the music played in the background. Be it a nursery rhymes, any Chinese song, English Pop, Malay, Indian, Hokkien, or even Cantonese songs or just any music; she will shake her body.

I brought the latest album of SHE and was fairly disappointed with it. Their songs are not as nice as before but still, I will always support them!

Sometimes when I am in this room to do some ironing, Yvette will come and join me. I will always turn on my CD and listen to them. And my dear little child will dance along the music and this girl certainly love to dance!


6 thoughts on “Yvette’s Latest Hit – SHEro

    • By the time I can go indoor stadium with her to see concert, I wonder SHE still can dance or jump?

      P/S: I read about you attend Sammi Cheng’s concert and I hope SHE will be as good as her when they reach 40!

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