Yvette Could Recognise Some Chinese Characters

We found out she could recognise some English words before she turned two (but yet really know what exactly are they but I could name a few here and they are Cat, Insect, Apple, Honey, Bunny, Dear, etc..). I was happy to learn that she could actually recognise some Chinese Characters which it is a bonus to me. (I really didn’t work hard for this.)

It’s so happen that I am sorting out her homeschooling materials and came across all these booklets we have from JGC. I always wanted to make some word card to help Yvette to revise those words she leant but sadly I have been procrastinating.

My bad.

On Monday morning, I opened up these two booklets and pointed those characters to her. Out of my expectation, she still can recognise 3 characters from Term 1 (which I did not revise with her at all) and 6 characters in Term 2 (no wonder Teacher Lee keep telling me she knows those words).

I thought she was kidding honestly.

Term 1

Words she learnt

Well, perhaps, there are pictures there and she actually look at those pictures. But if you look at some pictures printed for 一 & 二, it just don’t make sense if she doesn’t recognise those characters.


Anyway, I also “tested” her using some word cards I have and she really know her stuff. (鱼 and 猫 are taught by me.)

I am impress.

She could recognise all these characters. She only read them once a week and I don’t revise with her at all. All credits goes to JGC. And this certainly motivates me. I going to work hard on this area!


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