I Got Them All Sort Out

Finally it’s holiday. It’s time to rest and relax.

As this is only the first week of holiday and I slowly take my time to plan what I am suppose to do with Yvette during this period before her playgroup starts again. However, I have yet got her a confirmed place at the Playgroup opposite my house as the principle is away for holiday. (Any how, I can always fall back to JGC.)

I wanted to start some homeschooling activity with Yvette but I realised the materials we been using were all over the house.

Gosh! It’s messy. And I remember my child favourite phrase when come to clean up, she will go:”Too much, Clean up!”

Yeah, it supposed to be the right time to clean up.

I went Popular since they are having 20% discount for members due to GSS – Great Singapore Sales. I brought 6 files and 100 sheets of Clear Reinforced Filing Pockets and these pockets are the best I ever buy. It’s extra thick and extra wide. It hold the laminated A4 Sheet material very well.

Good Deal

Anyway, I was so happy to sort them out.



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