Books Yvette Read in May 2010

We did very little structure learning in May. Two reasons of not doing are due busy preparing for Yvette’s birthday celebration and searching for Childcare centre/preschool. So we spent most of the time, we read. But we didn’t read many books. Out of 5 books, Yvette only likes 3 books. And out of these 3 books, both books are by Bright and Early Book of Dr. Seuss.

2010 Week 20 - Book of the month

Money, Money Honey Bunny! BY Marilyn Sadler was first introduced to Yvette when I am teaching her Letter M. It was a hit since then. And since she like it so much, I decided to let her “read” it for another month. She loves it so much and she will start to chant about those words printed on the book. And every time, she will pick the book up to read by her own. She will goes, page by page as far as she can read remember and she goes:

Money, money, Honey Bunny! Thank You, Father. Thank You, Mother. Thank you Sister. Thank You, Brother. Honey Bunny (Funnybunny – She always miss out this) has lots and lots and lots of money.


My Nest Is Best by P.D Eastman is an interactive book based on The Best Nest. I am glad that I brought this book. (This book is also the book I used for teaching Letter N but I have my lesson half-cooked.) Anyway, this book again created a hit on Yvette. She loves it very much and always brings this book to us urging us to read the book to her.

2010 Week 20 - Book of the month1

The last book she likes is – Sounds I make illustrated by Steven She. It’s a book from Malaysia that you couldn’t find it on Amazon. And this book got her remember bee buzzzzz….

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