Nap, Yvette Nap…

AGE Approx. amount of sleep needed:
Newborn 16 to 20 hours per day
3 weeks 16 to 18 hours per day
6 weeks 15 to 16 hours per day
4 months 9 to 12 hours plus two naps (2 to 3 hours each)
6 months 11 hours plus two naps (1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours each)
9 months 11 to 12 hours plus two naps (1 to 2 hours each)
1 year 10 to 11 hours plus two naps (1 to 2 hours each)
18 months 13 hours plus one or two naps (1 to 2 hours each)
2 years 11 to 12 hours plus one nap (2 hours)
3 years 10 to 11 hours plus one nap (2 hours)
4 to 5 years 10 to 12 hours. Usually no nap.

*Extracted the above table from this site*

Well …Ever since sleep problem surfaced when she was 20 mths old, she’s never been interested in going to bed. I remember she used to be a sleeping baby. She sleeps so well during her infancy days and these are all history now.

Her sleeping pattern become harder to adjust due to the playgroup I sent her and we only back home around 2 pm in the afternoon, and she only nap from 3pm sometimes as late as 4 pm and only wakes up past 6pm in the evening. She created a new record that really shocking.

Finally her term with JGC had ended on last Thursday and I thought it’s finally a good time for me correct her sleep pattern. But oh man, always things are not I can anticipate.

Last Friday was good. She nap at 2 plus in the afternoon and woke up at around late 3 pm. Then at night she slept at around 10 plus which I think this is something I wish to achieve in long run.

Saturday was out of my expectation. Sometimes, we know, it’s always hard to get Yvette to nap in the afternoon especially we are out. So we stay at home to get her to nap (stick to her usual routine) before executing our outing in the evening.

Unlike many toddlers, many will drink milk in the afternoon before their nap. This act as a comfort food for them and making them feel secure and eventually send them to the slumber. For Yvette, she doesn’t drink Formula and drink very little milk. And moreover, I started to wean her off from breast this month; I try not to nurse her to nap and sleep at night, making her “desire” to sleep less.

As such, she last thru the whole day, playing with her father throughout the whole afternoon and never showed any signs of wanting to nap at all!!!

Finally we decided to give up and head Ikea. When we were back in the evening, she kicked some fuss and slept at 9 pm.

Today, she won the battle again.

Daddy was off in the morning to work and Yvette didn’t want to nap as well. Finally D was back and Yvette was so happy and started to with him. Again, she played and played. (Yvette is someone who will try to play every single toys she could find at home.) I try to bring her to sleep by me lying down on the bed with her, and eventually I dozed off. She’s still awake and kicking.

At 4.30pm, we finally gave up the idea of asking her to nap. Off we went to do some grocery shopping. We went to my mum’s place around 6.30pm. She had dinner and I bathed her there.

There she went, knocked out at 8 pm. She slept for about 1 over hours and she woke up to pee and only went back to her slumberland at 10 plus.


I know my 2-year-old is still trying to bend the rules and so sleeping problem becomes common. She doesn’t want to miss her exciting day, but encourage good sleeping habit is always my motto. I really don’t wish Yvette be part of the toddlers who would transition to no nap by the time they are between 2 to 3 years of age!



8 thoughts on “Nap, Yvette Nap…

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  2. I find that a routine will strongly encourage my child to sleep, unless he really is still quite energetic. Hubby is a teacher so we both really need to be in bed by 10 or 11 latest. Our pre-bed routine with my boy has been almost the same for the past 1 year – bath, milk, brush teeth, story (before/after teeth also can), sleep (together). So even if he’s not very sleepy, once we get to “sleep” stage, he would lie down, hug bolster and keep quiet. Of course if not tired, then he would bounce up and I would let him play awhile before encouraging him to sleep.

    An important thing is that he doesn’t nap past 5 pm or else definitely 11 plus at night.

    • But honestly, it is so hard to get routine right with a active toddler like Yvette. Sometimes I really find she is really hyper-active in some sense!

  3. For us, sleep routine is must. My 15-month old boy loves playing too (which toddler doesn’t?) and will not tune down by himself. Worse, he gets even more energetic when tired.

    I read that it is important to let the child wake up at about the same time daily to reset her biological clock. This works for us as it means nap time would also be about the same every day. Having a predictable daily schedule would give children a sense of security too.

    • That what I plan to do.

      Actually Yvette wakes up almost the same time daily, only once in awhile especially when her weekends are so happening.

      Yvette also get more excited when she’s tired and sleeping is always set on her last priority.

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