She knows all the Directions

Sometimes it’s amazing witnessing our children achieve certain “level” of milestones.

This happened before she turned two, in fact, this happened when she was 16th to 17th months old. She will lead us to the place that she wanted to go and she has never made any extra turns to reach the destination.

Besides, knowing her way home, the way to my mother’s place, my SIL’s place she also knows the following:

  • Where are the two sinks at these two supermarkets (Shop & Saves & NTUC) we shop our groceries. She also knows the direction of some stores in Toa Payoh Central too.
  • The direction of the nursing room in Forum shopping mall. (I think it’s an achievement for a 2yo to take 3 escalators down from JGC and walk to nursing room herself.)
  • Today we went Ikea, she walk to the playground in the Eatery herself. (We went Ikea like every 2-3 months rotating from Alexandra and Tampines.) (We didn’t eat there today. So it her own initiative to walk there herself.)


I am surprise Yvette has a sense of direction under her finger tip at tender age of 2!

P/S: There are still some places she knows but I can’t recall them now.


2 thoughts on “She knows all the Directions

  1. hi, I accidentally stumbled on your blog while surfing for a cream. I hope your daughter’s ezcema has gone off. I have been having ezcema for since when I have forgotten and because of the use of steroid creams, some of which you have mentioned, my skin has thinned and gets bruised and scraped easily. Your daughter is too young for this very strong steroid based cream.

    I would like to recommend her to Dr Phay, a skin speciaiist from Skin Specialist Centre. The clinic is at Grange Road. I do not have the the fone and address with me now as I am in my office but if you can email me at, I will provide you the details.

    Believe me, she is good and I have recommended a lot of strangers that I met whom I saw has ezcema and to those who actually went had feedback to me with great appreciation.

    Dont worry, there is no obligations, I do not hv any ties with her. Dr Phay is just a doctor who treated me and I hv great confidence in her profession and I just want to help someone to lighten the distress of having ezcema.



    • Hey Molly,

      Thanks for leaving me such a long comment. I do aware I shouldn’t apply strong steroid creams.

      I have found a good doc, so far, I am pleased with his service and my child is doing well after taking his lotion and his medication.

      I will remember your recommedation and will definitely email you when I need the contract details of Dr Phay.

      Once again thank you and we are doing fine for now.

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