BEKVÄM – 2 Steps Stool from Ikea?

We been looking for a sturdy 2 steps stool for Yvette and we found this in Ikea today.

Hubby made some improvisations and here the end result.


You can find more information here at Ikea site.


7 thoughts on “BEKVÄM – 2 Steps Stool from Ikea?

  1. So cute … i have this exact same stool. Old already. From my old house. I sanded down all the edges when we shifted here to our new place so that the edges are not as sharp as before. Then I spray-painted it a mahogany (dark red-brown) so that it matches our more “adult” decor, and I put 2 wide non-slip strips from Daiso in similar colour on the 2 edges of the stool. Now… maybe I’ll put up these “old’ furniture from Ikea in my blog. They are so useful.

  2. only i forgot … haha … the non-slip strips are actually the clear ones from the Homefix DIY store, and not the dark red/black ones from Daiso (which I used on the ledge at the end of my kitchen floor).

  3. Hey we have the same stool too! Its been all grungy and dirty with use, so am thinking of covering the steps… great “makeover” you have here! 🙂

    • Jus,

      I think after a clean wash of your own stool, it ready for another makeover?

      I really find this stool useful. Now I can let Yvette stand beside me while I brush her teeth in the morning.

      And for Yvette, she treats the stool as the showcase display in the shopping mall. Putting some of her clothing there and pretend trying to buy them.

  4. Oh yes, our step stool was all dirty-looking, so the makeover was good. haha. And after the painting job, it became easier to clean.

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