Julia Gabriel English PlayClub Term 2: Lesson 20

I wake up early in the morning to prepare sausages (from Tulip) and salad for today party while Yvette was still sleeping.


After I am done with the food, I went to the bed room to wake my lazy Yvette up.

We did the necessary of changing, feeding and getting ready and still, I couldn’t get out of the house early. After taking some pictures of Yvette, my Canon went out of battery. And I didn’t charge another battery too!!! So I got to bring along my Olympus.


It’s not really possible to go school with Yvette with all these food I brought along, as such, we have to take a cab to school since I wanted to be there “early”?!?!

Most of tots were all well dress up for today party. Natasha’s mum even made a Tomato costume for her. Look she’s so cute!


The classroom was well decorated as well. I also found out today is Chloe and Jovanna’s birthday too.


Here the food we contributed. A wide spread for a small class like us. Good things about in toddler class, they are more or less eating what we are eating now and that make the food choice wider.


Free Play was extended till 12 and lesson started with introduction. (I forgotten to ask them to give me the Funpass as memento!)

Then the tots did two craft. Stamping zig-zag on the zippy zebra which Yvette like it very much. Another experiment was carried out to show the effect of Frizzy. Dissolve the ice-cream in the soda and the tots get to eat them.



Party started after the learning activities.

We sang birthday song for Chloe and Jovanna before we started to fill up our stomach.


We were so busy eating and I don’t have any hand to take picture anymore.

When everyone was busying doing clean up for Bear Time, Yvette wanted to eat again!!!!!!!


Certificate was given out during the Bear Time and Yvette was so happy to receive it.


Wk 10 Thurs

We have great fun during the Music and Movement. Yvette even dance around in class too. I think the spirit is really high for today lesson.

Departing is sweet sorrow for us. I think I am going to miss everyone but ensuring Yvette a smooth transition from JGC to cc is important. Taking half a year break doing other stuffs and hopefully Yvette can adapt well.

Sometimes I just couldn’t believe time flies. We have been with JGC for a year and it’s time for Yvette to move on. I have checked out the timing for Mandarin EduDrama(accompanied) that I could enrol Yvette, it doesn’t look good. There are two classes on weekday, Tues & Wed, timing is 3 to 4 pm. And Weekend – Sat: 11 to 12 noon and  Sun: 11-12 noon & 12 to 1 pm.

I would like to take up the slot on weekday, but I need to ensure Yvette nap at 1 and wake up at 2.30pm. Even she doesn’t wake up at 2.30 pm, I think it’s fine, I can just take a cab to send her to school. Let’s see how I can make some changes to her existing routine.


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