Term 3 @ Marsden Swim School – Lesson 4 (Make-Up)


I pretty sure the Two is in place. Ever since she turned two, she is more emotionally mature and unfortunately more tantrums.

We went for make up class today and the instructor was totally new to Yvette. She didn’t cry, didn’t make any fuss and willing to co-operate most of the time.

As per the instructor, Yvette could swim but she focus more on her face. I don’t really get what she mean specifically but I sort of understand there’s something hinder Yvette’s concentration on kicking water when she was being release from my arm or the instructor’s arm. Perhaps the sense security when she was in the water.

After the swim, we went supermarket for some grocery shopping since it was still early. (The make-up class was at 10.30 am.) Amazingly, today, she was on really good behaviour and I have no answer. She requested me to push the shopping trolley and she was most of the time, sitting in the trolley so that I can shop. To REWARD her good behaviour, I brought some sweets to treat her. And of course, this make my shopping more easier and I ended up buying a lot of stuffs. That mean, I have to take a cab home.

After the shopping, we headed to nearer coffee shop for lunch and Yvette finished more than half a plate of chicken rice!


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