Child Care Centre Hunting G1.2

The dust has settled.

I went up to a cc to make payment for registration fee and a month deposit in the afternoon after the swim class. This cc is just a stone away from our house and we decided to go for it as we were offered not once but twice. More over, for this cc I am sending Yvette, we have been in the waiting list for one and a half year.

Unfortunately, this cc did not meet some of my requirement.

This school is fully air-conditional. And since it is fully air-con, they will not bath the kid during the afternoon if they stay full day in cc. (Hmmm, I don’t like this idea.) They do not have outdoor play and the extra-curriculum is in the afternoon where Yvette won’t be able to benefit it. (If Yvette could cope with cc, I will put her full time and will consider take up part-time contact job.) Lastly, we are being offered N1 and Yvette will only start school next year.

Anyway, one very obvious reason choosing this cc is – convenient. We really don’t wish Yvette to travel so far to attend pre-school.

Honestly, I still prefer CC A and I think I will switch Yvette there if they offer me a space.

Another reason beside location, Hubby will drop off Yvette before  he go work. This will more or less, make departure easily for Yvette and me, I guess.

That sound plan? We hope everything goes well.

And what Yvette will be doing in next half of the day?

I have decided to enroll her in another school that is just opposite our house. This school offer Montessori programme but only in English. It’s an unaccompanied playgroup. This is to let Yvette have a feel of being herself in class without me. It’s not going to be easy. But class will only start in July.

What other plans for Yvette?

For the next two months, I need to readjust her schedule to correct her sleeping habits (hopefully). This problem surface since 20 mths and I have yet find any solution to it. I need also need to home school her again although I am very lazy to do so now. After having a month break, it’s very hard to start the engine.

I need to reorganise some of my learning materials in Chinese as she will not be going to JGC for Mandarin Playgroup but maybe I will sign her up for Speech and Drama. I need to check with the school for availability again.

I need to work hard on teaching Yvette Chinese seriously.


Ok back to CC hunting issue again.

Some people ask me, why I never consider Chiltern House as Yvette’s preschool.

We are with JGC for a year and I like Julia Gabriel. I swear by this school now. I never doubt Chiltern House will be a good school but I am considering Child care not only school for now.

Although I know Yvette could be safely offered a space in Chiltern house as most of Yvette’s peer already been offered. But then, this school is so popular, most of the morning session is already taken up. So, all of her classmates were being offered in the afternoon session. Well, I will never able to adjust Yvette’s sleeping habit if I send her there.

And lastly, if you are really considering Chiltern house, this Daddy offer some insights on this school, check out here.


After spending so much time and effort to look for one cc or preschool for Yvette, I have some thoughts to download.

  • Always start early for cc search and preschool. The stress of choosing a Pre-School for our children is hard to imagine.
  • Don’t ever think if budget is not a problem, there should be plenty schools around. Wrong. Never. All these premium school have long waiting list you can ever expect.
  • Don’t ever think if budget is a problem, then compromise in any school. Again, it really up to individual but I really think that we should not just send our child to any school that is available. We should always go thru filtering of school before deciding which school to send. I always think, there are good schools around with reasonable fee. Not all premium schools are good seriously.
  • Don’t expect school to call you even though you are on waiting list. Sadly, I have never receive any call from school. This school we going to send Yvette, we are in the waiting list since Yvette was 6 mths old. (I plan to go back to work when Yvette was 18mths.) You think the school will bother to call if they always expecting parents to call and check with them on waiting status. Do your homework. If you are really keen to send your child to the school, do call them every two months to check the status. Who knows lady luck will be kind to you and you gotten the place for  your child. The waiting queue just work this way. Unfortunately…

I am glad my search has end and decision has been made. I can’t imagine me going around with Yvette looking for school again.


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