Our Experience with Universal Studio Singapore

This was planned many months back when it was open since February. So D took leave today to bring us to Universal Studio Singapore. We took the bus RWS8 from the bus-stop outside Vivo City at a Flat fee of S$2 to enter Sentosa. (round trip)



We redeemed our $20 Meal Voucher and $10 merchandise voucher at the Guest Service and rent a stroller for S$10 for Yvette. (Btw, they do allow personal stroller to be used in the park.)


We have a quick walk down Hollywood as the weather is too warm and humid to stroll down the street. We didn’t visit any merchandise store as we planned to do it before we leave this park.


Our first stop was Madagascar. We saw the humongous ship that they built from scratch! And the Huge tree too!



There are two attractions – Madagascar: A Crate Adventure, river boat ride with a min. height limit of 107cm for children but still not in operation. And King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round is all about carousel.  Last weekend, Yvette was still happily riding the carousel, but today, it took us awhile to coax her to take this ride.


She insisted to ride on Melman the giraffe which was too high for her we thought. Daddy tried to ride with her but they didn’t allow us to carry her on the ride. So we have to leave. We came back in the afternoon again and buy in her request. But Daddy held her very tightly as he was really afraid she will fall from the ride.

merry go round

Our next stop – Far Far Away.



Three of us experienced the 4D effect for the first time. We watched Shrek 4-D Adventure. Surprisingly, Yvette wasn’t afraid and could sit thru the whole show with us. The only part I don’t like about the show is, the introduction was too long. We were made to stand outside the theatre hall for a long time before entering.  We took picture with Shrek & Princess Fiona too.


After the show, we decided to have lunch. We found the only food count in the park but were regretted having our lunch there. The chicken rice we ordered was not yummy at all and it is expensive. These two sets of chicken rice cost us S$28.80. Luckily we have the food voucher to offset the cost.

Food count


Since the food court was just opposite The Lost World, we checked out the attractions. Honestly, there’s nothing much for us although there are 5 attractions in this section. We wanted to ride Dino-Soarin but Yvette didn’t want to take on the ride. Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure with a min. height limit of 107 and Canopy Flyer with a min. Height of 92 cm are not suitable for our child. There’s nothing special about Amber Rock Climb where you still need to pay additional charges to climb up the top. We moved on to WaterWorld. Unfortunately, this attraction was under maintenance and we have to miss out the thrilling “live” water show.

The Lost World

We moved back to Far Far Away for another show. We watch Donkey Live and this was interesting. Daddy was called up the stage for some Q&A. And this was embarrassing. Hehe…


Before the show, we headed in to the Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shop where I took a ride on the Magic Potion Spin with Yvette.


Enchanted Airways is a junior roller coaster with a min height of 92cm, we have skipped that totally as Yvette didn’t meet the height requirement.

It was soooo tiring after all these rides and shows, we decided to find a place for leg rest. We walked pass Mel’s Drive-In and found all these beautiful vintage cars right outside the restaurant.




As for Yvette, she was happily playing water with her Daddy around the water fountain. (P/S: We changed her top because she wet herself when washing her hand.)


We found this mini stage just around the corner too. I asked Yvette to go up to the stage so that I can snap some picture of her.

Yvette pose

It was like 10 mins ago, she was still happily smiling. Out of the sudden, she started to throw tantrums and having meltdown.


I tried not to scold her but really hard not to. She weep harder as I disciplined her.

Shortly, she actually fell asleep. Looking at our watch we realised it was past her nap time. I guess she was just physically tired and refusing to rest mentally.


As we didn’t brought along our stroller, it actually very tiring to carry Yvette as we walked. The weather is sooooooo humid that made both of us so sticky. We walked down New York Street, Sci-Fi City and Ancient Egypt without taking any more rides.  Anyway, the Battlestar Galactica ride was closed due to glitch.


With that, we decided to shop around the merchandise for some air-conditional. We brought a Tee for Yvette as memento.


And before we left I checked out the only Baby Room and I have something to confess!!!

2 of us actually dozed off with Yvette when we sat on the sofa to rest!!! How tired we were! OPS!!! (I will assume no one actually came in when we were asleep!!!)

Anyway, I like the baby room. It’s clean and well maintenance. From sink to microwave and nursing room. There are television, toys, baby chair for feeding, table, chair and most important, there are several pieces of sofa!!!

Universal Studio

P/S: It’s always good to visit the park like tourist on the weekday, shorter waiting time to get on the ride due to there’s not much of human traffic in the park. We were also mistaken as tourist, perhaps we didn’t bring along our stroller. The staffs in the park are well manner and we did not face difficulty to move around in the park too. But still, it is a small park as compare to many big one out of Singapore.

There only thing I don’t like. There is no family toilet in the park. There is no additional toilet seat fitted on the bowl for toddler too. So there are still room for improvement to be a better family orientated park!


16 thoughts on “Our Experience with Universal Studio Singapore

  1. My friend told me most rides got height limit and not suitable for toddlers so I’m still thinking whether to bring Chloe or not.

    How’s your view? Worth visiting now or good to wait till she’s slightly bigger to enjoy the rides.

    • Elise,

      The weather is very humid now. I regretted wearing Jean. Wear something light, really light. Try the big big pizza at Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor. I think is nice if you do not dislike pizza.

  2. Hello,
    Nice description. How long does it take to completely go around the park.. Is half a day sufficient. Can we also go around the entire Sentosa park(including Universal Studio) in a day i.e. start at 9:00 and finish by say 8:00
    I am visiting in December


    • Something you will not miss will be the food ya. If there isn’t any restriction, try all kind of food in Singapore. Just don’t go Newton Circle for food. (Too expensive.)

  3. hi! I would like to ask if the fee of $74.00 is included in all rides? and how about the shows? is it included already in the $74.00? thanks 🙂
    will be visiting there in Oct 2012.

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