Thermal Magic Cooker


I shared how to keep those Spinach fresh for days. Here is the spinach I plucked on last Saturday.

Fresh! (After 6 days in the fridge.)



I been using this thermal magic cooker for 2 to 3 months. It a Heat retaining, stainless steel vacuum-type cooking pan that cooks thoroughly without fire.

To be honestly, the soup being cooked by this cooker, sometimes, it is not as nice as using the boiling method I been cooking for the past 10 over years.

But this cooker really help me a lot when come to food preparation.


The instruction given by the cooking guide of the cooker stated; for better result for soup you need to boil up to 30 mins and this cooker will retain the heat and will do the rest of the cooking for you.

Oh well. I don’t like the result.

For the first time I cook my soup using this, I boiled the soup for an hour then place them into the cooker.

The verdict. Not nice at all.

On the second day, I boiled the soup for 1.5 hours before putting them in the pot.

The verdict. Still can make it.

On third day, I boiled the sop for 2 hours before putting them in the pot.

The verdict. Bingo. Finally I manage to achieve the same taste over the conventional way of cook.

However, the only saving is only 30 mins of boiling time over the gas. Not much seriously. (In the past, I usually boil my soup for 2.5 hours.) And yet I am still recommending this cooker here.

Amazingly, this cooker really does magic. If you are someone who love steamed food, this cooker will be able to steam your fish, tofu, meat, chicken without a need to turn on the fire. You just need to put all the ingredient in the smaller pot over the inner pot.  It is easy, hassle free cooking.

So far, I have tried cooking Tofu, Fish and chicken, the result is good except for the chicken. This method overcooked the chicken and it tastes powdery.

This way of cooking indeed has saved a lot of my time and also the effort to time the food till it cook. Everything you cook in the slow cooker can be cook in this magic cooker and this will save a lot of electricity bill.


Well here another side track…

After cooking Black Bean Soup for years. I found out the method I used to make the bean softer before I cook is actually WRONG!

I soaked the bean overnight before I cook it. By using this method, according to the old folk from the market and my old folk at home, the bean will produce wind and apparently will go into the bones to cause rheumatism.


So what should be the way?

Without washing the bean, pan fry it in the wok till the shell break. Then add water to wash away the black particle before cooking them.



I tried this method today. And I absolutely love the outcome. The bean is softer than I  expected. The good thing is, I don’t need to wait for a day to cook black bean soup and if my niece  who wish to pop by my place anytime, I can cook this for her. (She was diagnosed with some low blood count recently.)


7 thoughts on “Thermal Magic Cooker

  1. Hmm… I’m no good cook, since I nv cooked b4 I got married. I learnt all my cooking from cookbooks. *haha* So about the black bean soup, I learnt from the start to dry-fry it. My confinement lady dry-fries and puts all in an airtight jar. All herbs are rinsed b4 being put in the pot, lah. I use black beans in my red dates tea, by the way. For soups, somehow I still prefer to use the slow cooker (crockpot) bc just throw everything in and it’s done in 2 or 3 hours already.

    I don’t have such a big thermal pot. I have the smallest one which is just nice for cooking baby’s porridge. I have also cooked small portions of soup in it before. Like enough for 2 or 3 bowls of soup. Also barley water. Like no problem, leh. I only boil for 15minutes before putting into the outer thermal container, leh. Taste ok. I wonder whether the brand makes the difference. When I bought, I saw very big price difference between the Thermos brand and others. And since I was buying a small one, I decided not the take the risk and bought the Thermos brand. That small one cost me S$100+ when the Endos brand which is of similar size (but I didn’t like the fat shape) cost like S$39 only.

    • Hehe… I also hardly cook before I got married. And I totally fall in love in cooking (daily) meals after since then.

      I don’t think I will pan-fry and keep them in the tight jar. I will do it when I need them because it is really an easy job. I dislike slow cooker because it really use up a lot of electricity.

      I also not so sure whether the brand makes the difference but I know La Gourmet and Endos manufacture from the same factory and brand it differently and the pricing is SS$30+ difference.

      I not saying Endos good here la… I only stressing this technology is useful!

  2. And I was just saying that my Thermos brand one is very good, lor. But I don’t know if the size makes a difference either. I think mine is like 2litre or 2.5litre only. V small.

  3. Hi!
    I’m Cantonese and grew up on my mum’s double boiled soup. When I got married, she bought me a magic pot and just told me to boil the stuff for 10min b4 putting the pot into the magic pot. I leave it inside for 6 hours and reheat for another 10mins. I save a total of 2h of gas and still get good soup everyday!

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