Tot Learning Week 15 of 2010 (12th to 18th April 10)


~Yvette is 23 mths~

Our child is like sponge. I bet everyone will agree with me. As they grow older, they will tend to pick up things faster, showing us signs they are learning. Although most of the time when I teach, Yvette tends to run away and act as though she is not listening, I am still glad she is someone who doesn’t mind to learn new stuff. Whenever I pass something new to her, she takes it on like a pinch of salt. I hope this attitude will be with her as she grows.

We did something new again for last week, new game and toy was introduced and we almost gotten them for free! Alas, we did not read as much as I wanted to. Perhaps it might be due to Yvette only loves me reading aloud and not looking at the illustration of the book. I wonder when she will start looking at each book that was given to her.

If you will like to find out what we did for the past week in details, click to continue.

Alphabet Activity Theme of the Week: L is for Ladybird/bug


We traced letter L’s in upper and lower case with crayon as also sound out the letter with Yvette. (Source)


We used the Do-A-Dot Art Marker with this. (Source)


We read The Very Lazy Ladybird by Isobel Finn. And we like this story. This story is an adventure of a ladybird learning how to fly. Because she sleeps all day and night, the Very Lazy Ladybird doesn’t know how to fly…

We recite a poem and did a craft. (Source)


I did a puzzle for her but she is not interested in doing this puzzle with me. (Source)

And of course, daddy drew her some ladybirds.


One of her pillow casing is full of ladybirds. Sometimes she will point at those ladybirds and utter ladybird. And this is the reason I chosen this theme as well.



Learning English

No other book was read beside the book above. Strange, how come I miss out reading other book…

We did mystery bag. 3 words were taught. Lemon, Lock and Leaf. And I found out Yvette like sour taste. She tasted the lemon not once but 3 to 4 times by her own initiative.

Magic Bag

We are still on Reader Rabbit Playtime For Baby & Toddler and Starfall for computer time.


Learning Chinese

2010 Week 15 (12th to 18th Apr) - Learn Semi Circle We read 小猫当当 – 做鬼脸 。 A very funny book. I love the illustration but Yvette doesn’t really like to look at it.

We skip the 口令. No listening activity.

No Songs and Rhymes.

The word learn from “我会读幼儿启蒙读物”- 数字 和 动作 are as follows:

数字 动作


Learning Shape, Colour

We learned Semi-circle while doing the ladybird craft.


Ops I miss out doing colour.


Learning Number & Date

9 was introduced. I like this set of learning card but we did not do much using them. I only used it to revise number 8 with Yvette. Courting the dot on the ladybird together with the card.



We read Counting Kisses by Karen Katz for learning number again.


Learning Toys

I brought this giraffe number puzzle for S$5. And it has became Yvette’s favourite toy for now.


Daddy got this remote control car for free by redeem voucher using our credit card points. Yvette is loving it!


Fishing! Yvette seems to have some interest in this toy recently while we shopped. So I think it is about time to get out this toy from our cupboard that I brought 3 mths ago.


Yvette having more fun over the Shape toy. She loves stacking up toys finally though I think she still loves to knock them down.


Lastly while waiting for Daddy to come home on Sunday, we played all our musical instruments together!

musical instrutment


Practical Life Skill(s)

I taught Yvette how to open a pad lock.



Other Learning Activities

Playground trip for Yvette was usual during weekend marketing. I simply love this picture of Yvette sliding down from the slide.


Yvette had a play date with Ashlyn on Wednesday. (We met up KaiKai as well to collect something from his mum. Thanks 😉 )



18 thoughts on “Tot Learning Week 15 of 2010 (12th to 18th April 10)

  1. She does seem quite dextrous. She can control the crayon to draw following those lines and make the dots herself? Jacob can’t. And not very interested either. ;(

    • Sam,

      It is easy to use the Do-A-Dot Marker for the Letter L. She did it mostly by herself, I just guide her along. For the tracing letter, I hold her hand to do it. She still doesn’t able to appreciate in tracing yet.

      Oh yes, interest must be there… like reading, she hardly look at the illustration which I find it is so important…

    • I got it from Junction 8. There is a shop at Ang Mo Kio Hub also selling this. But I forgotten the shop name already. It is a shop selling toys. Quite easy to find.

  2. I’m planning to make puzzles with laminated pictured and Velcro. What should I use to stick the Velcro onto the plastic laminate? My boy is very strong so I’m concerned he’d pull the Velcro off. Thanks in advance for helping. 🙂

    • MieVee,

      The Velcro tape is really very sticky. So far Yvette doesn’t manage to pull them off the laminated picture. I consider Yvette is strong as well.

      If that really concern you, and you think you want to use glue to stick on the Velcro, try those glue that people use for scrapbook or those wooden naming board. These glue proven good to me.

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  4. Hi there, I’m just wondering where you got the do-a-dot markers in SIngapore? I can’t seem to find them at Toysrus or Popular bookshop. Also, how much are they?

    Thanks so much!

  5. Kate,

    I got it from a shop just beside Twinkle Thinker at Forum. I think call Nature Craft.

    There is one shop at Thomson Plaza #01-17, Discovery Corner.

    There are some sites selling it too. If you order online, it about $3 to S$4 cheaper but I am not sure is there any min. order to get it

    It is around S$39.90 from Forum.

    P/S: Actually the answer is in one of the comments. 😀

  6. Hey thanks for replying.. I wasn’t able to view any of the comments when I first visited your page earlier, but funnily I am able to now.. And noticed that you’ve been asked that question before. 

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