Pain, Painful

Although Yvette could express herself now but still, she has limited vocabulary when come to describe her fear, her feeling.

This morning, in the middle of the night, around 2 am, she woke up and cried (for about 1/2 hr to 45 mins) and told us her private area is painful. In fact, this was not the first time we experienced this.

It happened a few days ago and it was around 5 am in the morning. She woke up and cried for the same issue.

We spotted some nappy rash around her private part area. And the nappy rash was indeed caused by wearing diaper during the long journey ride to Malaysia. We have brought her to see a doctor and was given Anti-bacterial, Fungicidal, Virucidal wash to clean the affected area and as well as Antibiotic cream to apply on the affected area.

We wrestled for 45 mins and I finally soothed to sleep. On closer look, there was a little scar around her private area. I think it was there as a result of Yvette kept scratching herself.

We were bewildered. Why there is a need to scratch that area when she was in pain? Is she feeling itchy rather than painful? Anyone out there can advise me?

The very morning, I asked her again about the incident, she replied painful. Having Yvette with limited vocabulary, I really can’t figure out what exactly her problem is. I examined her private area after bathing her. The redness is gone. And where is the pain all about? Shall I bring her to seek second opinion?


At the same time, I spotted some patches on the leg too. One of them was started off with a little scar. And it all ended up in this stage because Yvette scratched that area. This left me wondering how Yvette can cope if she is having Chicken Pox?

I also realised her skin is really sensitive nowadays. Beside those red patches, there are some white patches behind her (both) upper tight. When we were at the doctor visit, we also asked doctor about this problem too.

Dr. Teo told us these are fungal and will go away after a certain period of time.


Shall I bring Yvette to see skin specialist for a peace of mind?


12 thoughts on “Pain, Painful

  1. Fungal – use Daktarin. Should be safe for baby, since there’s Daktarin oral gel for baby too?

    As for itchiness – there is a brand SOOV antiseptic that comes with numbing lignocaine. I used that during chickenpox.

  2. california baby calendula cream hlps to soothes the skin
    u can try tht …

    Perhaps the rash is healin and growing skin .. tht can be veri itchy too …

  3. My boy has been wrestling with eczema on his face since 6 months old until now, 14 months old. The patches get VERY itchy and the poor boy would rub his face on the pillow or our clothes until he bleeds. Recently, it turned fungal (circular patches) and we treated it with an anti-fungal cream prescribed by the paed. Every time the eczema flares up, he needs steroidal cream. We have seen a dermatologist too.

    For nappy area, Bepanthen has been very suitable for my boy:

    For a gentle disposable diaper option during travels, consider Flip:

    • MieVee,

      According to May’s mummy, Yvette is suffering from Eczema. I have brought Egocort cream as she used it on May. I will try Bepanthen when there is adverse effect on Yvette.

      Thanks for telling me there is such a diaper in town. I like the idea but I really don’t like Yvette putting on the Bumwear. And I hope we can stop using diaper on our next trip.

  4. How’s Yvette now? If there is no improvement then u better go for skin specialist. But usually it will takes abt 3-4 days to see the result.If it goes off must take care carefully cos it might come bk.

    • Elise,

      The red patches still there and I started applying those cream I brought for Yvette today. I hope to see result 3-4 days later if not I will go back to the GP to ask him to recommend us some skin specialist.

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