Tot School Preparation Works

I am always looking for new Tot School ideas and always Google when I need to do a new homeschooling topic with Yvette. Ever since then, I found a list of Tot Sites which I have listed them here. I start to rely on them more often. (I am also a subscriber of many homeschooling sites.)

Of late, my life is getting busy and more demanding (due to tantrums), I spend less time doing Googling and usually zoom down immediately for topic I want to do with Yvette.

I always start my preparation work with First-School Preschool and proceed to the next letter in line. Usually this site could offer me most of the activity I want to do with Yvette.  Then I will check Making Learning Fun, Prekinders, Everything Preschool & ABC Teach for more theme activities.

For blog, I will move on to check Tot School by Carisa for more ideas and Confessions of a Homeschooler by Erica for printable. If I still have time, I will check out No Time for Flashcard, ABC & 123 Learning and Homeschool Creations for more.

For Montessori, I only follow these two sites for ideas, Making of a Montessori Mum and Montessori Beginnings.

For Poems and Rhymes, normally I will check out Nursery Rhyme Corner and CanTeach Songs & Poems. If I still have time, I will pop over to A Rhyme a Week to get other ideas too.

For book, for most sites I surf above, it normally come with some recommended books. With that, I will do a search at NLB Search Online to check out the book availability. Usually for book that I am really interested in, I will usually pay S$1.55 to reserve for those books at the customer service counter in the library near my home.

For other activities like worksheets, colouring, word puzzle, mazes & more, I will check out Preschool Colouring book, Printable for Kids for material.

It doesn’t seem to involve a lot of time to get prepare,  but to be very honest, it can easily take up 2 to 3 hours. And IF you are not someone easily contented with what these sites can provide you, please prepare to Google more!


11 thoughts on “Tot School Preparation Works

  1. hi,

    came across ur blog and it’s inspiring!
    intending to teach my girl 21 months at home soon…

    can ask where to get chinese materials? like rhymes/ rao4 kou3 ling4 that u mentioned somewhere?

    tks again for sharing!

  2. hi sunflower,

    tks for ur reply!
    will bring the babes to popular soon for an outing soon then 🙂
    thing is my girl thens to get v excited and try to take down everything fr the
    shelves…. she thinks supermarts and bookshops r her giant playground!
    dun even know if i can get her to sit down properly while i teach her next time…
    maybe jus my wishful thinking haha!

    • jnj,

      It can be done but you need a lot of patience. For a start it is almost impossible but then you have preserve. Three words for you – Don’t give up!

      Many parents thought homeschooling is not possible and they give up too fast and too eager to see result. I fall into this trap too.

      Yvette also like that. She treat those stores like her big playground and I tell you this is very normal. So many things to see and touch. They only living in this world for less than 3 years for Yvette, 2 years for your child. What would you be expecting? They will be curious. If she is not curious, then you will be worried!

    • Jia You and don’t give up.

      Yvette didn’t pick up everything I teach her. And a lot of teaching is breaking down into piecemeal. And I repeat again and again. Some of the words she already know she will forget too. OR even best, she will she don’t know even with the things she very good in. Yvette is not as bright, she still need a lot of coaching.

      I foresee your girl is going to ignore you but if you go on and go, she will want to learn from you one day!

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