Baby Baby @ Marina Square

Our day never end at Marina Barrage. (Read Stella’s entry here.) Fortunately, my sister’s boyfriend came to pick her up so that we did not need to headache over where to have dinner in the evening and how to travel there.

Around 6.30 pm, he came and we quickly cleaned up the kids and hop onto his car and headed to Marina Square for dinner. We went up to the food court where hubby already waiting there with a table for us. We have a economical and yet cozy dinner at one corner of the Food court.

After dinner, we went round and took some pictures and before we proceeded to the the indoor playground outside Kiddy Palace. Again the kids have good time.


I like the above picture very much!


Stella need to be up early next day for another event so they made their way home first. Then we moved on and found this shop Baby Baby which only started operation for 2 months.


It’s their indoor playground with a pool of balls caught my attention.  See how daring Yvette can be when she trying to reach out the ball.


They are just like any other store out there selling baby product except they carry premium mechanise in their store.

10 Apr 2010 part 2

I found my favourite stroller here and another Twin Stroller that I have not seen anyone using them on the street.



I like their Nesting blocks but they are selling at S$60+ for the ABC set. I got mine from M&D for only half of the price.



We got a harmonica for Yvette for only S$5.25 after 20% discount.


On the whole, I like this shop especially all their wooden toys.


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