A Play Date with Velda & Zac @ Marina Barrage

We failed to meet up in March for our monthly play date due to all of us were so busy then. As such, we quickly arranged for one in April before this month end without any play date again. I suggested to go Marina Barrage to fly kite and water play.

I left home around 3.15 pm with my sister to get some food from NTUC for our picnic. Hubby had some other errands to run and he will only be joining us for dinner. We met up at Somerset MRT and continue our journey to Marina Bay.


When we walked out of control station, i saw this board. Finally they are doing something to guide the public to get to the bus stop. It so hard to find the right way due to construction in the area and we were almost lost when we were here for the first time.


Children are children. They are so easily contented. We missed the shuttle bus and need to wait for another half an hour for the next bus. We allowed them to roam on the grass land for a few minutes before we headed toward the bus-stop.


Yvette dozed off while waiting for bus. She continue to be in her slumber land when we reached our destination.  We set up the mat and started to dig out our food to eat. It’s kind of hungry after too much of waiting and travelling.



Velda was excited and eagerly waiting for my sister to fix up the kite.


But the weather is really not good for kite flying today. It was hot and barely got wind. All of us tried so hard to fly the kite up but we can’t and this killed off the excitement.


So few kites flying in the big blue sky!


I told Stella to bring Velda and Zac for water play first. It so boring for them to be here with us.

Shortly they left, Yvette opened her eye and looked at me. Just nice to follow them for water play.


Our kids have so much fun there. Water play is always the highlight for most toddler in Marina Barrage!





And here is my favourite picture of Yvette. Her reaction is so funny.



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