First Self-portrait Taken

I have lost count how many pictures taken by Yvette with our help. She gained access of our camera many many moon ago. This is an obvious reason we never consider a DSLR.

Anyway, she took hold of the camera on the bed with me. She placed the camera in front of her and took a picture of herself without my help.


I am impress.

At this tender age, she could aim and take picture of herself, I think it is good enough…

P/S: The above picture is totally unedited.


3 thoughts on “First Self-portrait Taken

  1. And I just found JR had taken my camera out of my handbag while i was in the bathroom. And he’d taken it out of the case I use (I use a tight “sock” on the camera to prevent scratches), so I’m amazed as to how he managed to get the camera out of the “sock”. And then he was viewing photos!!!! Urgh – lucky he didn’t delete any.

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