Vtech ABC Food Fun

I been pondering what to do with my S$30 voucher exchanged using my UNI dollar using UOB card.

I have made several trips to Toy R US and always couldn’t make up my mind what to buy for Yvette.

Finally I decided with this Vtech ABC Food Fun.


I brought this toy mainly is to add on to the alphabet corner I created for Yvette and also, I find myself hardly teach Yvette food in more structural manner.


Initially I  thought it will be duplication of our existing toys but then I realised (after reviewing this toy again) this toy not only teach Phonics and Letters, it does teach Colours, Words & Food Facts.

An example of features of this toy goes….

The sound of Grapes is Guh, Grapes grow on vines & the colour of this grapes is purple.

This toy is quite interactive. It enable Yvette to explore independently and answer questions “ask” by the toy by placing the pieces inside the fridge. Help hints, cute music and funny sound effects help to encourage Yvette to learn.

Some examples of the question “ask” by the toy as follow:

  • Can you help me to find the food that’s pink?
  • Can you help me to find Honey?
  • Can you help me to find the food that grow on the tree?

The only downside of the toy is, if the magnet is not placed exactly into the slot, the magnet sensor will not able to detect the piece.

The cost of this toy is S$39.95 and I only need to pay S$9.95. So happy to get this toy at this cheap price with this promotion!

And the corner look like this now with this new additional.


And Yvette loves this new toy so much because it always greet goodbye to Yvette when she closed the fridge!



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