87 Amoy Street

No matter how well read you are online, I always find magazine and newspaper useful. I am a faithful reader of Young Parent Magazine when Yvette was born two years back.

I always find I have not spent much time on teaching Yvette Chinese (There is no sign that she know any Chinese Character as of now) and I always wanted to incorporate toys with Chinese Character into Yvette’s toy collection.

I finally found a set of toy that I can get it for Yvette for her learning.

Off I go and meet Hubby and SIL for dinner tonight.

Both my of them work in town and this place I am heading is in town.

Strangelets situated at 87 Amoy Street is selling a set of Chinese Character Blocks at S$75 bucks and I got to know this thru Young Parent Magazine.


Down at the shop, that really doesn’t look like a shop that sell things to me, I saw this outside the store.


Catch a glimpse of the shop, does it look like a gallery?


Let me bring the limelight back to Yvette. She kept playing with some toys on the display and that made us worry. -.-! (Oh yes, a lot of toys in this shop is not cheap.)


Honestly the price for the block is expensive but the quality is really good. I can even smell the “pollen of the wood”. Haha… well damage is already done to our pockets anyway…ops! 😉


4 thoughts on “87 Amoy Street

  1. Looks like something from our younger days. How to read the word 2nd from right at the bottom, ah? Die, if buy this kind then I don’t know how to read then can’t teach anyway. haha!

  2. My office is really near to amoy. Often walk there for lunch but usually don’t have time to shop. This shop really look nice.

    Wah, the block is really quite exp.

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