Sneak Preview of 4D3N Cameron H & Genting H: Fish Spa @ Genting H.

I been skeptical, contemplating to try this service ever since I saw this service year when I was in KL. (I think it has been around for 2-3 years in Singapore.)

The fear of endanger myself to risk of infection when people of varying degrees of skin problems share a pool. Although diseases like psoriasis are not contagious, other bacteria infections can be transmitted through water. And I think this service is not very popular in Singapore too.

I finally picked up my courage to try this service because I really have a lot of dead skin to feed those “Doctor Fish”. I have no chance to go Pedicure at all.

Finally my turn. After what seemed like an eternity (15mins), I finally slowly placed my heels into the water. There were a few tries as every time I dipped my heels in and a fish came by, I shrieked and snatched my foot out.

Another fish nibbling on the heels. Despite what others said, you could feel the fish nibbling, sucking on your heels too. One recommended method was to just plunge your feet in without looking, and just experienced the sensation (like a buzzing, mini electric shocks and ticklish).

My frightened and wary looks. I made the most noise and I was laughing all the way.


There was a guy sitting opposite me was calmly enjoying the fish spa. My feet were pulled out of the pool several times.


My SIL kept asking me to spread out my toes but my toes were clenched tightly as apparently it was the most ticklish when the fish nibbled around the toes area. My niece was beside me, taking picture of my “funny” expression and giving me plenty of encouragement.

I managed to pull thru 15 mins treatment with Yvette sitting on my lap most of the time. I like the end result and thinking to do it again in Singapore.


4 thoughts on “Sneak Preview of 4D3N Cameron H & Genting H: Fish Spa @ Genting H.

    • haha… very ticklish but worth trying… next time we try together. 😛

      Hey I brought something nice for Velda but cant find anything for Zac. I will blog about it later and you show to it Velda and let her choose! 😉

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