We’re Experiencing some Potty Pause

I am not sure is it due to teething. Yvette has not been doing well in toilet training. For the past one week, I have many misses, not tons but many. She has been doing so well in this area and I thought we would not experience any Potty Pause, and it actually strikes us.

It is so hard not to get frustrated sometimes, and I do smack at her bottom when she refuse to go to toilet. I have been experiencing “guaranteed miss”. She simply do not want to go when I know she is going to pee. So in the end, I have to wash at least 8 training pants daily. Somehow she’s no longer able to tell me she wants to pee and always inform me after when she had peed.

Yesterday while we were in Toy R US, it was an disaster. She wet her pants not once, not twice but 5 times in a row. Practically, I walked in and out rushing her to the nearby toilet to clean and change her. (Imagine I have to change 5 pieces of training pants and 5 pieces of bottom.) Even my sister asked me to put her in pull-up which I never. I was so angry at her and stop our toy hunting and left the store!

So what is Potty Pause?

She is resisting going to toilet. She simply lose her ability to tell me she need to be eliminated.

Here is a good article about Potty Pause.

I am trying to find a way to reconnect her now.

Anyway I found a good video to comfort myself while watching some songs and stories with Yvette over You tube.

And besides Potty Pause, Hurricanes pay us a visit for the past one week too. Did you experience it as well?

Yvette been crying excessively for the past one week after she recovered from her virus infection.

She will cry when I want to bring her to pee or poop.

She will cry when I ask her to bath.

She will cry when I want to change her.

She will cry when she was asked to eat.

She will cry when she was asked to sleep.

Ar… she will cry as long as her request was not been answered in the way she wants!

It was such a tough week for me. Everyday, instead of staying up late to do some read up and prepare materials for her learning, I have to sleep after she slept. I need all my beauty sleep to recuperate. My chest got so tight and kept having headache every now and then.

She been crying every hour and sometimes scream.

Luckily this phase was over.

Things are getting better for these two days. At least she never cry as much as before and she is  more willingly to do her daily activities with me without making a fuss now.


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