Children Little Museum @ 42 Bussorah Street

The weather has been unpredictable recently. Feb was so hot but for March, we have been expecting so much rain. As such, we shelve our plan to go park and head to this Children Little Museum @ 42 Bussorah Street.

IMG_1952 v1

We were all fascinated over the “Robot” outside the Museum when we first arrived.


My sister came along with us as we bumped into my sister at MacDonald. I went there to buy corn for Yvette. There is something so special about the corn from MacDonald. While most tots at Yvette’s age love fries, Yvette only like to eat their corn.

After examine the robot for a few good minutes, we finally went into the shop. (The museum is situated at second floor.) The next thing got our attention is the very old fridge. Or I shall say the antique. And it’s still working. My sister can’t help but keep exclaiming the fact that it’s still working.



The admission fee to the Museum situated at the second floor is S$2 each and Yvette is free. We actually stay at the first floor for quite sometime till the uncle inside the shop asked us to go up. Then we realised we have stay there for awhile.

We feel Retro is the part of theme on the first floor. Look at all these items around the shop, I bet you will somehow agree with me.





I love these old vintage cool bikes lying around. They are so cool!!!


Finally we were up at the second floor after the uncle in the shop requested us so. All the owner’s collections displayed on the shelves really captured our attention. It has easily brought back our memories about our childhood.

I missed those toys seriously. Hubby still keeps some of his childhood toys and those toys are all his treasure.


Due to the age gap between me and hubby, I didn’t find  those old tables used in school familiar. And he also found his long lost school bag too!

School bags

I like those the school days items displayed on the shelves. This remind me where I have kept my report books at home.


I also like the barber chair at one corner of the Museum. But, it doesn’t look “old” to me and properly because I have seen them somewhere around Singapore. The old telephone beside the chair did look unique to me. Perhaps because I don’t have the impression that I have seen them before.



The “Vanishing Hawker” at another corner of the Museum is another playground. All of us, except for Yvette, gotten a chance to be the owner of the drink store.


There was another antique beside the drink store, a big box which was how people used to watch shows last time.


In this little space, the owner try to maximize his storage area by hanging some of the items on the walls. And these are some of the gems hanging on the wall.





Lastly before we left, my sister brought a little chicken toy for Yvette from the souvenir shop as memento.



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