New Member

We have been thinking and discussing over this change since last December. We finally made this decision properly month ago.

Packing the room, making the arrangement so that this member can fit in our family nicely.


Pardon me, I am not referring to Baby Number 2. I am referring to younger sister who is going to move into our family so that my brother and my SIL can move back.

My parents leave in a 3 rooms flat and in order for my brother to save more for their future, (haiz…. really hard to get a flat you know. They have been renting a unit out there although HDB claimed is easy to get flat for first timer.) we been discussing and asking them to move in to stay with my parents.

So, the arrangement will be, they will move in and my sister will move to stay with me for another 2 to 3 years before she get married. (Yeah, marriage is on her card now.)

It’s a good arrangement, everyone of us benefit. And soon or later, I can let my sister babysit Yvette (hopefully), then I can go dating with her Daddy.

Longing for this day to come seriously.


7 thoughts on “New Member

  1. hehe – my SIL stayed with us for awhile too, while she was doing her masters and before she moved to live on campus. So we had like 7 to 9 persons staying in our house for a certain period of time.

    • Actually I always look upon couples who able to find someone to babysit their child and set aside time for themselves. And honestly, I don’t think it is bad.

      Dates are always nice when we don’t have to run after our kids…

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