Good Deal – Starhub Cable Vision


I have been a subscriber of Starhub Cable Vision for a period of time although we rarely turn on our TV. One reason that we continue our subscription mainly because, our nieces and my sister (now is going to stay with us) are all TV lovers.

As such I have been continuing making contribution to Starhub’s revenue  without watching their programmes. Recently, I feel like removing some of the channels so that  I won’t be paying so much monthly.

On Tuesday, a door-to-door sales personnel from Starhub came to knock at my door to promote their channels.

I understand from this sales personnel I can keep all my channels and pay S$20 cheaper monthly. What I need to do is to enter a year contract with him.

I gladly signed up immediately.

The cost of my new contract as follows:

Upon installing the new box, I have to pay S$28 in cash. This will allow me to see ALL channels for one month. After two weeks, he will come and install another box for me. This change will restrict to the channels I subscribe.

For all subsequent months, I will be paying S$ 26.75 for 5 out of 7 basic channels, Ch. 55 (VV drama), 6 months free of HBO and S$2.14 for the box.

In the past, I am paying S$46.01 for all the channels above without HBO.

If you will like to ride on this promotion, I can release his number to you by sending me a email at

I can’t guarantee you will get the saving because I am not sure this guy does service other location as well. And I earn NO commission of disseminating this information out.

P/S: The old box needs to be returned to Starhub a day after the new box is being installed.

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