Fisher-Price Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker

I brought this rocker a year back when Yvette was still a baby. (And she was already crawling the rocker was purchased.) However, due to she was about to out grown this rocker,  she preferred freedom over being strapped up in the rocker. As such, the usage for this rocker is really minimum. (It has not proven it will be useful to us at the time.)



It’s left in one comer of the living hall, untouched. Occasionally,  Yvette will pull out the chair and sit on it but the usage is still, low. Hubby had asked me several times to put it into the storeroom but I rejected his request.

I always reply him, aiya, nvm la.. one day she will sit on it.

True enough, during these 5 days when she was sick, she spent most of her time sitting on this rocker. Resting there beside in my arm was her usual routine for the last 5 days. And moreover the weather is so cold for the past 2-3 days, having this rocker chair keep Yvette in great comfort than sitting on the floor.


So this chair is no longer a white elephant at home and has become Yvette’s favourite chair.


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