We Baked for the First Time Together

My mum came to visit us. Finally I have some breather in the afternoon after taking care of Yvette for 3 days. Hubby had been busy too. He will need to work till 7.30 pm daily and only be home at 8 pm. And this will last for quite some time. As such, I am so happy to see my mum!

It’s always on mind that I wanted to bake together with Yvette. Since my mum was here, I decided to do so. (And Yvette is so much better today, she played her toys, fixed her puzzles and went round the house herself.)

We went to get all the ingredients at Ang Mao Supermarket.

While gathering all the ingredients and the baking equipments ready, I let Yvette play with the sieve.


Then I let her sieve the self-raising flour.


She likes to beat the egg very much now.


After pouring all the ingredient into the mixing bowl, both Yvette and my mum went missing.

From the background, I heard both of them talking about the content of the book. My mum is not literate so usually, she will teach Yvette on things she know in Hokkien most of the time and I am totally fine with that.

While they are doing “learning”, I quickly finished up the job. I whisked the mixture and fold in the flour. I put the mixture into the baking tin and there they went into the oven.



And the verdict of the cake…. It taste a bit hard, I guess too much flour. Overall is acceptable.




4 thoughts on “We Baked for the First Time Together

  1. Nice!!! I wanted to do baking with Chloe too but don’t have the chance yet. The oven at my own place is a white elephant, my mum’s place doesn’t have an oven.

    I have a foolproof cupcake recipe from my older baking days. It’s at my own place,when I go back I get it for you. My buddy always uses the recipe for her kids too and her kids love it.

    • Oh, you can bring the oven from your place to your mum’s place. So that your nieces can participate too.

      That very nice of you. Yes, I hope to have your recipe.


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