A Little Update on my “Merlion”


She is getting a little bit better but the situation still not as good. We went for a review and I thought I will admit her today but I didn’t.

One reason that I did not do so because, she was given antibiotic today. Loose stool is expected and we just did major clean up about half an hour ago. I am really thankful hubby is always there to help me to do all the clean up when he is around. If not I will be dead… In these two days, I have done plenty of cleaning and washing.

Coming back to Yvette, she is still not eating, but she did not throw out as much as I encountered yesterday. At least, she is drinking breast milk for now.

Oh yes, thanks for all the mummies given me so many valuable advices here and sent me SMS to check how Yvette and myself. This little playground here is giving more strength!

Thank U! 😀


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