Yvette is 1 Year 10 Months (22 mths) Exactly

P3131085-tile 1

Woot! It’s just another 2 months to her second birthday.

She is still as demanding as before and I think she will be continued to have this behave as she grows. Growing up child definitely has more demands as compared when they were a little baby. And not forgetting the terrible 2!

She is now 83 cm in height and finally 10.1kg and thanks God, she stays healthy throughout last month. She is wearing size 5-6, and her feet are now 13 to 13.5 cm.

She is teething and we saw three molars spouted out today after a low grade fever on the last weekend.

She loves to climb the stairs and loves to cross the road. (She always struggle off our arm and urges us to let her cross the road. We always hold very tight on Yvette when we cross.) She is not keen on walking but she can walk very fast. Her speed and her playfulness will bring her some trips and falls every now and then.


She is gaining independence day by day. I always let her carry her own bag now. (This bag keeps her training pants, spare clothing and a package of wipe) Although she couldn’t carry them for long, but slowly and surely, she will be able to do so.


She has a little mind of her own. She is choosing her own clothing and shoes to wear for almost every single outing.

Surprisingly she is very much into playing “Pee-A-Boo with us these days. She will use her hand to cover her eyes and says “Boo”!


Reading is no longer a problem now. I have solved the problem in this month by giving more of her favourite character books. I won’t say she is a fast learner but she is definitely someone who is keen to learn. She is very observant and sharp.

I found out she could self-feed herself so well when she is eating corn. Almost 90% of corns will go into her mouth and get digested in her stomach and pass out as stool eventually. 😛

22 mths

She talks like us now. She is definitely more vocal and could verbalise her needs. She is picking up more and more vocabulary thru us day by day. Some new phrases she is using every day are (for Chinese) 没有了,还有,还要, 我要, 到了. For English, she started to use the term “I” so she goes I want, I eat, I draw, etc. “Take one”, “wash hand”, etc

We are making good progress for toilet training. It’s been around a month that she was off diaper totally. We still facing accident but the rate is like 85%. However she couldn’t  differentiate and tell us correctly when she need to poo. She always uses “Wee Wee” even she need to poo. So Confusing!

The above summarised what I felt and know about Yvette from 21-22 months.


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