Water Play @ Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

Last Wednesday, the weather was so bad till I have to cancel a play date to this children garden. But still, it didn’t put me off today even though the weather was as bad.

We took a bus from our place and travelled there with Daddy this round as Daddy didn’t come along when I brought Yvette there several months ago.


When we reached the garden, the sky turned dark and started to rain. We were stranded at the café for an hour before we could go into the park. While waiting, there wasn’t any activity can be done except for eating.

As for Yvette, she was happily roaming around the area. Climbing up and down the chair, running all around the around and touching every nook of the waiting area.


When the rains finally stop, I thought I can go round the garden with Yvette but the running water sound grabbed her attention immediately. I couldn’t move on with her anymore because she wanted to move into the water play area eagerly.

So, we decided to let Daddy walked around the garden as he hasn’t been here before, I will bring Yvette to the water play area. However,  D didn’t take a lot of pictures today mainly because we were using our secondary camera. (I have forgotten to charge both batteries for our Canon.)


As for Yvette, she had a great time playing with the water all by herself.



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