Tot Learning Week 9 of 2010 (1st to 7th March 10)


~Yvette is 21 mths~

My energy level is still somewhere in the air.

I did borrow a book and “try” doing Art Appreciation with Yvette but I failed badly. I think this have to wait till letter M, then I will bring her to Museum to “appreciate” the art. I am not someone who knows about art and I certainly hope she could in heritage some of her daddy’s genes. (I only found out hubby could draw well and could play piano without looking at notes, getting the right tune of the song after we have Yvette.)

Nevertheless, I will expose Yvette to content/concepts including:

  1. English words flash cards (done daily)
  2. Chinese exposure  (Doing very min. for now. But hope to do more during the JGC term break.)
  3. Colour
  4. Shapes
  5. Alphabet
  6. Numbers and counting
  7. Fruits/Vegetables
  8. Animals
  9. Puzzle
  10. Music and Movement
  11. Nursery Rhyme
  12. Poetry
  13. Art Appreciation (Think this will be my weakest link)
  14. Painting and artwork
  15. Crafts (at least 2-3 crafts a week) – Start doing this week. (Not doing more because she already doing a lot of crafts in JGC.
  16. Science (Not doing much nowadays)
  17. Books based on the theme, in addition to the books which we are reading at bedtime
  18. Fine and gross motor skills through crafts and specific toys we have etc..

And of course, there is also plenty of outdoor play, nature study, playdoh, weekly play dates and free play.

If you will like to find out what we did for the past week in details, click to continue.

Alphabet Activity Theme of the Weeks: H is for Horse


We traced letter H’s in upper and lower case with crayon as also sound out the letter with Yvette.

To deepen Yvette impression for the horse, I took out the horse figurine and did a craft for horse. (Source)


We read a book, Blue Horse by Helen Stephens. This book took me by surprise. Although, this book is meant for children age from 4 to 8 according to Amazon, it is not a difficult book to read. It’s a book work on the child’s imagination and teaching the child a big heart is the long way toward making new friends of all kinds.

Yvette does show liking for this book when I pointed the ball to her, she will read the word “ball” for me. When I read to the part where the illustration showing children playing in the playground, she will utter “play” “play”.

Instead of doing Songs and Rhymes, I recite a poem for Yvette about horse. She learnt how to pronounce the word “gallop” and “trot” at the end of the week and she always give me her sweet smile when I recite the poem for her.


Learning English

IMG_1522 We read Bear at Home by Stella Blackstone. The book illustrations encourage Yvette to spot and identify the variety of objects to be found in specific rooms. I pointed some of the things in the book which she already knows, and doesn’t mind telling me what they are.

And we learnt 3 new words this week and all by doing crafts. Hmmmm can’t get enough of craft???

Anyway, I came across this site and suggesting doing an activity, tracing hand for tot. I remembered getting her handprints to make a card for her dad was already so difficult. But I still decided to give it a try. So I took her hand and tracked it on a piece of paper.


Here our craft work.


She loves the idea. And after doing this, she always ask me for paper whenever she get hold the pen or the magic pen.

The last craft we did was “house”. This idea was from this site. I drew the capital H and small letter H in a piece of paper and let Yvette play with her Dot-Dot paint. Then I left for them to dry up and did the craft again over the weekend with daddy around.

House Collage

The left house was from that site but the right house was my idea.

We are still on Reader Rabbit Playtime For Baby & Toddler and Starfall for computer time.

I found out she knows more letter for this week. Letter D, G, K, Q, & Y. But she has mistaken V as Y.


Learning Chinese

IMG_1523 I read her a new series book this week. 小猫当当 – 让我荡一会儿吧。This book finally get her attention. The illustration is straight forward and fairly easy to understand. Especially this part of the book where 当当 doesn’t know how to count from one to ten and all his friend taught him.

An excerpt from the book:

1,2, 3,拍拍手


7,8,9,10, 跺跺脚

She never fails to do the same action with me. By the way, these set of books are best seller in Japan and they have more than sold 2.5 million copies.

We skip the 口令. No listening activity.

IMG_1562 The Songs and Rhymes for Chinese for this week is 小木马 (Normally, I will go thru the rhymes with Yvette every day.)

We did “我会读幼儿启蒙读物”- 家庭物品 和 个人物品 for around 2 weeks with Yvette. This round she wasn’t as keen as compared to the first time I introduced to her. But still, she did pick up two words and uses it in the daily life like 衣(服),& 鞋.

家庭物 个人物品
电话 积木
风扇 拼图
洗衣机 洋娃娃
电视机 玩具熊


Learning Shape, Colour

I did not introduce new shape to her but we revised shapes that she already learnt. She still doesn’t have a feel for Rectangle and started to know what is triangle.


Brown was introduced last week due to the learning “Horse”. I pulled out some chocolate and her milk to show her. She was so eager to finish up the colouring and wanting to eat the chocolate. She finished all the chocolate without giving me one.


Daddy tried to teach Yvette “Rainbow Colour” over the weekend while Yvette resting at home but Yvette was totally not interested at all.



Learning Number & Date

We continue reading Goodnight Moon 1 2 3 A Counting Book by Margaret Wise Brown and 5 was introduced.



Learning Toys

I brought Yvette another two Wooden Knob Puzzles from Toys R US. The number puzzle is to introduce Zero Concept and the other one is meant for capital letters of alphabets. Both cost me S$9.90 each.



She also played her two piece puzzle and I found out she could fix the “Bus” now. She doesn’t show stronger interest in this puzzle as compare to the Knob Puzzle.


PlayDoh is a toy which Yvette won’t mind playing it alone. She could stay with this toy for more than half an hour while I was preparing materials for her learning.


It seemed that she has neglected her kitchen set, but then, of whole of last week, I saw her playing with the set almost every day. (She has out-grown this set so much and we have decided to get her the kitchen set for her second birthday.)


She also pulled out PlaySkool Clipo Figure Bucket to play for awhile during her free play. She tried to fix those Clipo Parts but she couldn’t fix them successfully yet.



Practical Life Skill(s)

We didn’t do much for practical skills.

Last week, we only worked on the Pouring Activity. I found out Yvette could transfer water into cup well by just using one hand.



Other Learning Activities

We continued doing the Shape Sticker Book and only completed “Square”.

No planned outing because Yvette was down with fever due to teething on Friday and Saturday. Playground trip for Yvette was usual during weekend marketing. No planned play date too but we been up to my neighbour house for 2-3 times for the past one week to play with Charlene.


While teaching Yvette “Rainbow Colour”, Daddy tried to teach Yvette how to draw as Yvette is now so much into tracing our hand.



Favourite Picture for This Learning Week

I really like this picture and like to attach it here.

I simply like the way she “read” the card after doing the learning activity with me.



2 thoughts on “Tot Learning Week 9 of 2010 (1st to 7th March 10)

  1. Hi Sunflower,

    Got to know about your blog through lucas mummy. I really like reading your blog and getting ideas and activities to do with my boys. You really did a good job with yvette! 🙂

    • Thanks for liking my blog.

      I been reading yours silently too. I like those activities you did with your boys. You doing great job at your end too. Not easy… especially two boys!

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