Some Decisions #1

Shall I buy this kitchen set for Yvette for her second birthday?

Hmmmm…. any sponsor? (Hint, hint!)

(oh, I have some family members reading my blog.)

Kitchen Set

It will cost me around S$219 with free delivery. The toy is made of wood and all the accessories shown in the picture are included. I am keen in getting Ikea Kitchen Set but after reading Lazymummy spending so much time in making the toy nicer for Chloe… (great effort at her end…) I decided to give it a miss. Too much work for us. (I am lazy but  Lazymummy, you are not lazy at all… 🙂 )


Thanks for some mummies leaving encouragement comments on my homeschooling entries. Thanks for spending time reading them too. But these entries always take up a lot of my time. So instead of doing book review on the other blog of mine, I have decided to incorporate into the entry. I have also decided to publish them on Wednesday instead of Monday. Going forward with this change, I hope I have lesser back-dated entries to catch up.


8 thoughts on “Some Decisions #1

  1. Personally I’d just let them play with the real kitchen utensils lah – cheaper even if buy a whole new set for them. Only thing is cannot “pretend” kitchen with sink and al.

    • Haha.. ya no sink and stove. I also do let Yvette play the real stuff.

      But the problem is, when Yvette play with Kitchen Set she is really into wash and cook.

  2. Haha…I am lazy. That’s why my project is taking so long to complete. Actually if you don’t want to paint the ikea set is also ok, it look nice too. Plus the accessories, I spent like $200 too.

    This set is nice if you want a wood kitchen for her, with all the accessories included, it’s worth it. Furthermore, this is a good brand.

    • So Chloe doesn’t know you are giving her that as a gift? Anyway… you are not good in doing painting, I am not good as well. I will rather wait for hubby to do it. (And your hubby is so busy nowadays.)

      It will be plain if we don’t paint the set and I like your idea too.

      Yeah this set is sooo tempting.. hee now I got sponsor liao…

  3. Haha.. I got the hint le!!! But she really got play?nowadays I seldom see her near the set.. If she still got play I dun mind sponsoring half.. 🙂 and also ask that princess sister of mine to chip in too! She just bought a Itouch for herself!!! $400 plus..

    • Cheryl, the first reaction after reading your comment is WOW! Yr princess sister so rich now… hmmm must sms one day to ask her to buy us lunch.

      Actually she does play with the ktichen set but not as much as before. She still play with them everyday but there are many other options around. (as you say she got a lot of toys and me, this mummy can’t stop buying too. JIALAT!!!)

      I also thinking very hard, should I buy but uncle say ok… that why still considering. This toy is from a spree and ending soon. Let me ask the seller whether can I buy from her after the spree.

      BTW.. why you go Sentosa?

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